Why I’ve Been AWOL

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the massive wait between chapters – I’m at the end of my Open Uni course and I’m swamped with work – I barely have time to sleep, let alone play anything (and when I do, it’s normally only something short like my Drfiter challenge). I promise that normal stories will resume once this is over, but thank you or bearing with me 🙂


2.66 – A Beautiful World

“Are you sure this is going to work?” Ellie said, forcing the handle of the wrench downwards once more, just to be certain. She couldn’t risk the navigation system coming loose during flight. This would be the furthest she’d ever flown – even without the portal covering most of the distance.

“I’m certain. I wouldn’t let you do this if I weren’t. Steve and I have gone over the calculations more times than I can remember – this will work, Ellie. That is, if you still want to do this?” Lor looked over at her, frowning slightly. “You can back out, you know? It’s not too late.”

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2.65 – A Little More Conversation

Al was more nervous than he had ever been in his life.

Actually, that was a lie. He’d been afraid of everything once – so deeply, completely afraid that it had been nearly impossible for him to function outside of the house. This wasn’t anything like the nerves that had built up at the mere thought of others seeing him all those years ago. This was… different. This time he worried for reasons outside of himself. He loved Yaritza, and it was for her sake that he hoped her family would like him.

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