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Can You Hear the Violins? (Ambrosia Challenge)
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This is an Ambrosia Challenge story, with a few twists and tweaks to help the story on it’s way. It started as a one-shot short story (July ’16 to be precise), but this challenge fitted so beautifully that I had to expand it.

Drifting With Nifflers (Drifter Challenge)
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Short Story Challenges

A new prompt every month. Between 500-1500 words and  1- 12 screenshots unless stated otherwise. I can’t promise to do this every month, but it’s pretty fun!

July ’16 – Prompt: I Open with the Close. Up to 2000 words and 15 screenshots this month. Must begin and end with the same sentence. 2nd Place! Yay!
2nd Place JULY 2016

August ’16 – Prompt: Summer Love. Up to 1500 words and 12 screenshots.