2.76 – It’s Only The Beginning

02.76 SS01

“Welcome back. How was the tour?” “It was amazing! Everything was made of trees.”

02.76 SS02

“You really think watching this will help, papa?” “Well, yeah. The more you hear a language, the more natural it’ll seem.”

02.76 SS03

Steve likes the microscope. Everything will be examined in the end. Everything.

02.76 SS04

Shea’s enjoying her room. Her own computer, a lock on the door and lots of room for posters – what more could she want?

02.76 SS05

I know these are used to build children’s motor skills, but they also work for androids.

02.76 SS06

You know those ‘Party’-sized servings? They last one meal. This is one massive family. The food bill will go down quite a bit when the twins move out.

02.76 SS07

Then again, Phoenix will age up. Goodness knows how much he’ll eat as a toddler.

02.76 SS08

Steve is learning about the world, and he’s having a great time! Maybe we’ll give him a tent and let him go travelling at some point…

02.76 SS09

Yari’s bump is getting bigger. The new family member(s?) will be here soon πŸ˜€

02.76 SS10

I’ve noticed Shea getting restless more often recently. Lots of jogging, but it isn’t always enough.

02.76 SS11

Mal’s VR set-up is improving every day! He’s doing a great job.

02.76 SS12

“Are you sure I can join in? I do not know if I can paint.” “Well, that puts you in a better position than me – I know I can’t! Just pick up a brush and have fun, yeah?”

02.76 SS13

“You don’t happen to have any tips for learning Sixan grammar, GG? I could really use some.”

02.76 SS14

D’awww ❀ The new grandparents are as in love as ever.

02.76 SS15

Can’t do homework without a good snack. If you ask me, Shea has the right idea!

02.76 SS16

“You’re getting your trousers wet.” “Screw the trousers.”

02.76 SS17

“Wanna try this drink? I saw someone at work make it and I think I can copy it.” “Sounds dangerous. Sure, why not!”

02.76 SS18

The thing about being neighbours with family is that you’re never too far awayΒ  for a surprise visit.

02.76 SS19

Ellie’s house is quite the hangout now. You wonder why?

02.76 SS20

I’m sure the TV and game system has nothing to do with it…

02.76 SS21

Lor is looking forward to meeting his new grandkid(s). You need to be patient, sir.

02.76 SS22

Ellie and Deja are dating! They don’t live together, but they can often be found in the same place. I guess you weren’t just going to Magnolia Promenade for sports equipment, eh, Ellie?

02.76 SS23

It’s a family effort!

02.76 SS24

Amata comes around to play most days. I’m beginning to wonder whether she likes the slide more than she likes us, though…

02.76 SS25

The blonde boy is Shea’s half-brother, German. (Have I made the ‘no he’s not actually german’ joke yet?) He’s grown quite a bit since we first met him at the park.

02.76 SS26

Whenever there’s a science project, these two team up and make Lor do it. Good job, teenagers!

02.76 SS27

“I’ve never studied so much in my life.” “Well, you should probably get used to it. Come on, Ly. It’s for a good cause.”

02.76 SS28

Random coffee-fuelled chats on the pavement at three in the morning. No biggie.

02.76 SS29

Why is everyone gathered here, you ask?

02.76 SS30


02.76 SS31

We have another pair of twin girls – Caro and Lacie ❀

02.76 SS32

“I look scarier than I am, promise.”

02.76 SS33

It takes you back, doesn’t it, Lor?

02.76 SS34

The paintings have been completed, but that’s not the only thing.

02.76 SS35

Here, opposite the park…

02.76 SS36

… Lyra and Leo have a new home.

02.76 SS37

It’s time to replant your tree sapling, Ly. Welcome to your new life.

A/N – I can’t believe it. Gen 2 is over, and the reins have been handed over to our Lyra. We’ll still be seeing plenty of Lor, Mal and the others, but times are moving on. Thank you for staying with me through this πŸ™‚ I really didn’t plan for Generation 2 to be so long, but so many things happened: children, androids, interplanetary discord, arsonists, abductions, accidents… they’ve certainly kept busy!

Good luck, Lyra! Welcome, Generation 3 ❀

10 thoughts on “2.76 – It’s Only The Beginning

  1. Oohs and awws for new beginnings! I like the idea of nomad!Steve traversing the land, discovering new places and learning more about himself in the process! πŸ™‚

    Congratulations to Al and Yari! Aww, Al’s going to be surrounded by girls. It suits him though. He’ll be the best papa ever. And would probably cry when he sees them go off to school dances/formals/what not. But that’s far off in the future for now. πŸ™‚ And more congratulations to Ellie! They make a sweet couple.

    I like how even though everything’s changing, lots of things are still the same – and by that, I mean Lor and Mal being as in love as ever, and the family being as close as always. Game nights are the best! ❀

    Yay for a new home! Lyra's going to be a wonderful heir, I just know it.

    What a wonderful journey Gen 2 has been. I'm really looking forward to seeing how Gen 3 plays out! ❀

    Liked by 2 people

    • He’d have a wonderful time!
      Yup, Al is going to be the only guy in the house unless Yari gets pregnant =p I think he’ll be a great dad to them! Hopefully not too protective, but very caring ❀
      Ellie and Deja! ❀ I kept seeing them together out and about, so I went to look at her and lo and behold there was a bit of romance there πŸ™‚ I just helped out by making it official =p
      The family is incredibly close – just because people have moved out doesn't mean things will change fully πŸ™‚ I expect everyone to be showing up at really inopportune times, just like now =p
      I really hope you'll enjoy Gen 3! Lyra's a very different sort of person to Lor and Lissa, so it'll be fun seeing everything through her eyes πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

      • The idea of him being surrounded by daughters is very heartwarming. ❀ And he's sensitive enough to be a good father to them – he'll understand lots of their problems growing up and can offer them good advice, I bet.

        Aww! I'm so happy for Ellie and Deja. They really look happy to be together. ❀

        I love that about the Centauris! They are such different people and lead incredibly busy and fulfilling lives, but they're always intertwined somehow and make sure to leave time for family. ❀ Good balance.

        I'm seeing a pattern here – heirs with names beginning with 'L'! πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ She'll be wonderful to read, I know – and with plenty of stories to tell!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Just realized I never actually commented on this one. I loved this chapter. Those transitional moments, where multiple Sims are entering the next phase of their lives (in a non-birthday way) are the best! I hope Lyra’s tree thrives. I’m soooooo many months behind on this story, so I’m looking forward to seeing how Gen 3 fares.


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