Steve – Tad: Letter 1

Reply to Cosmic: Tad to Steve 1

Hello, Mr Dustpine.

I am sorry that it has taken so long to reply. I could not get letters sent to the laboratory – my existence is not exactly legal. If anyone had found out about me, I do not know what would have happened. Now that I am away, I am safe.


I would like to be friends. It sounds like we are both looking for the same things out of this.

The world is full of so many things I had not experienced until recently. There are flowers and clouds and trees and birds. I do not know whether you will believe this, but I had never seen the sun before. It is so high up that I wonder if anyone could ever reach it. I know that it is made of fire, and I should not attempt to do so, but the temptation is there. Curiosity is, in itself, curious. Maybe that is why so many people die early. They just have to know things.

Maybe you and I do not know things because we simply have not reached the end of our exploration?

I have read your application, and I, too, find you fascinating. It appears that neither of us come from a ‘typical’ background.


Since I have arrived at my new home, I have been practicing my handwriting, so it is my hope that my words are legible. My fingers are getting used to holding a pen now. I have had them for a few months now, so things are getting easier.

It is good that you have a friend to look out for you. I think we all need that. I have one. His name is Lorcán, and I helped his mother conceive him. I do not mean that in the traditional way, I must assure you.

His family has taken me in. It is a very large, loud family, but they are good people.


I feel like I must explain myself. After reading back what I have written, I am not sure that it makes sense without context.

My name is Steve, and I am an android.

I have not been an android for long. For the first 90 years of my life, I was a laboratory robot created for the purpose of constructing and designing machines. I do not know when I became sentient. Maybe I have always been this way.

Lorcán’s mother was the first person to treat me as something other than a machine. She was searching for a way to have a child with her wife. It was against the law for her species to adopt a Sim child, and the scientists were only willing to help her for research purposes. I was never informed whether she was successful, but I could not forget her.

Twenty years later, her child became a scientist. He was kind to me, just like she was. When he heard that I was to be decommissioned, he was upset. They were getting a new, more advanced machine to replace me.

I didn’t want to die.

One night, he stole me. He kept me a secret and promised to find a way to create a new body for me. It took years, but he kept his word. That is how I have come to exist this way. Nothing about what he did was legal, but I cannot believe that it was wrong.


When I asked Lorcán what I should write in a first letter, he told me that it is wise to find common areas of interest when starting a new friendship. Therefore I am happy to hear that you are a gardener. I have only recently taken up the activity, but it is a wonderful thing.


There are some very strange plants here. Some of them glow at night. I do not believe they are from this planet. I could not find them in the botanical encyclopedia I downloaded.

It is very rewarding to look after something and see it thrive. I am unnatural, but I do not feel that way. If I can keep these plants alive, then I am doing something good by existing. That is all that I hope for.


There is one plant here that confuses me for another reason. It is called a Death Flower. I asked what it was for, and Lorcán told me that it was for the Reaper. He says that when someone dies, their soul is taken somewhere else. If one of these flowers is given at the moment of death, then sometimes the person is allowed to live again. I asked him if that was a good idea, but he gave me that smile-that-is-not-a-smile that people sometimes do.

These flowers only give a few extra hours, he said. I asked him what the point of it was, and he replied that it was so that people could say goodbye.

He never got to say goodbye to his parents, and he almost lost his eldest daughter. I wonder if that is why he looks after these flowers with such dedication.


His eldest is called Ellie, and she is an astronaut. At least, that is her cover story. I have picked up broadcasts that would imply that she is a smuggler, but I have not brought this up to her family. It is her choice to tell them.

She spends a lot of time off-planet. I have read about homing pigeons, and it seems that they always return to their home. Maybe she is a homing-Ellie, called to the stars because they are where she comes from.


She was the ‘procurer’ for some of the more unusual elements of my build. I like her, even if she is also on the wrong side of the law.


She visits quite often now that I am free. I would like to go with her into the sky, one day.


This is a strange family. I think that is why I fit in with them so easily.


The house is in a bit of an uproar currently. Altair, one of Lorcán and Malik’s children, is getting married next week.


The wedding arch has already been set up. I do not understand weddings. Romantic love is an emotion I have not experienced. There are many emotions I do not know.

I asked why the wedding would take place here. Tradition, they said.


Apparently getting married in front of the skeleton of a cow-creature and a graveyard is traditional. Does that sound romantic? I am truly not sure. The flowers are beautiful, though.


I have some questions, if that is ok with you. What is a ‘spiritual guide’? It sounds like a very important job. Would you rather I call you Thanatos or Tad? Or Mr Dustpine. I am not very ‘up to date’ on when certain names are suitable. Are there any books you recommend? I do not need to sleep, so I have a lot of time that I need to fill.

I am thankful that you have written to me. I already feel less alone.


5 thoughts on “Steve – Tad: Letter 1

    • I don’t think he’s ever had to keep a secret before, so it probably never occurred to him that it shouldn’t be talked about XD He’s sweet, and Tad is trustworthy 🙂
      Thank you for being so patient with me getting this done! Now that he’s out, the letters should be a lot more timely 🙂

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  1. Argh I love Steve’s voice so much! He sounds perfectly in character for an android, and I love how he had to reloop to start from the beginning partway through his letter. And yay for practicing handwriting! 🙂

    ‘Curiosity is, in itself, curious. Maybe that is why so many people die early. They just have to know things.’

    He, like Lori, has the ability of making me die of laughter just by being who he is and saying what’s on his mind. xD


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