2.67 – (I Know It’s Going To Be) A Lovely Day!

Shea smiled sleepily into her pillow. It was finally here! She rolled over and grinned up at the ceiling.

“Happy birthday to me~”

She slid off of the mattress and onto her knees before pressing her cheek to the ground, peering into the space underneath the bed. A vague shape caught her eye as she adjusted to the darkness, and she reached out towards it. She’d been saving it for a special occasion, and this certainly qualified.

Shea giggled to herself as she tiptoed downstairs, her prize clutched in her hand. She couldn’t wait to see the looks on their faces. She raised the horn to her lips, took a deep breath, and-

“Really? It’s six in the morning, lass.”

02.67 SS01

She squeaked and dropped the instrument, which promptly rolled under the table. “Leo?”

“Even I didn’t try to pull something like that off, and I’m meant to be the trickster here.”

“Really? I thought that was Lyra,” she said, sticking her tongue out at him.

“Careful,” he said, shaking a finger at her, “if you keep that up your face will get stuck. Then how will you manage to play that thing?”

“You mean you’re not going to stop me?”

“Hey, if you’re willing to risk waking dad and having him stomp around all morning, who am I to stop you? Just… let me get back outside, yeah? I’ll pretend I didn’t see anything.”

He grinned at her, waved cheerily over his shoulder and stepped out into the garden, carefully shutting the door behind him. Shea waited until she heard a splash from the pool before picking up the horn once more. Well, now she had to do it, didn’t she?


She heard a thump from upstairs, followed by shouts of alarm as the bedroom doors opened. She should probably hide. She pulled her dress over her head, thankful that she’d put on her swimming costume underneath it, stashed it and the horn behind a sofa and legged it out into the garden. Hey, if it worked for Leo, maybe it would work for her. She jumped into the cool water, surfacing with a gasp as her older brother looked on, bemused.

I was here the whole time, she mouthed, and he nodded once before returning to his laps. Shea paddled along after him, and by the time Lor had found her, his eyes wide with the panic of the suddenly awake, she was ready. She turned and beamed at him, all innocence.

“Hi, papa. It’s a lovely day, isn’t it. Can we go to the park?”

Lor looked from one to the other, confused. “Did either of you…?”

She tilted her head, eyes large and guileless. He looked between his two children, expression growing more confused by the second.

Today was off to a great start, already.


02.67 SS02

Well, I think we can safely say that Helen and August are happily married. How far along are you though, lass? Should you really be out?

02.67 SS03

“It’s a shame I don’t have a MASSIVE FECKING HORN to wake this llama up.” Still salty, Mal?

02.67 SS04

“Do you know how to aim that thing?”

02.67 SS05

It’s a space monster! Run away!

02.67 SS06

He’s not running. He knows he can do this.

02.67 SS07

Oh no, now there are two of them! Also, Ly, why are you wearing that still? Did you sleep in your clothes?

02.67 SS08

Lor is unimpressed with the public gardener. His poor plants!

02.67 SS09

It’s nice to see these two getting on! Now, am I talking about the teens or the kids? We may never know…

02.67 SS10

OH MY WORD she’s gone into labour! Helen, go to the hospital!

02.67 SS11

Yari’s childish, so she’s having a great time here.

02.67 SS12

So this is what the gardener has been up to! You’d better watch out, sir – Lor’s going to be keeping an eye on you.

02.67 SS13

Helen, don’t make me make you leave! Go and have your baby already!

02.67 SS14

Al might be doing better, but he still wants to hide occasionally. So much socialising…

02.67 SS15

He’ll never turn Yari away, though. “So, I was wondering if you wanted to play space explorers with me?” Of course he does, lass. He loves you. I just hope he realises that it’s not an innuendo…

02.67 SS16

“Ready for two monsters?” “I was born ready.”

02.67 SS17

He knows, and he’s happy. Yay! These two will be wonderful parents, I can tell.

02.67 SS18

Shea’s making a friend! His name is German. Like, not as in it’s a German name – his name is actually ‘German’.

02.67 SS19

Ellie made food and is chatting to a homeless man, yay! It’s a very Ellie thing to do – she’s still that outgoing girl she was all those years ago.

02.67 SS20

Al? Where did you get those macaroons?

02.67 SS21

You know what? I no longer care – that’s such an adorable smile. If it’s because of the pocket cakes, then power to him.

02.67 SS22

“Why are you in your uniform?” “Came home late, slept in it, got woken up by a massive honk and then Shea wanted to go to the park.” “You forgot to change, didn’t you?” “Yup.”

02.67 SS23

Ellie! I’m trying to keep this PG – that is hardly appropriate!

02.67 SS24

Look at how happy they all are.

02.67 SS25

Shea? I didn’t think that dress had pockets… Maybe there’s just a pocket dimension full of cakes and toys. Lyra would love it there.

02.67 SS26

Speaking of Lyra, she’s just chilling by the pool. She smiles a lot more now – I missed that smile.

02.67 SS27

Lor is laying into the gardener. Ellie’s amused but the poor man on his right looks a bit alarmed.

02.67 SS28

German is making himself right at home with the family. Good for him.

02.67 SS29

“Cake time now?” “The cake’s at home, Shea.”

02.67 SS30

Finally, the cake is hers. Happy birthday, Shea honey! ❤

02.67 SS31

She grew up so beautiful ❤

02.67 SS32

I’m so happy she’s family ❤


She’s an absolute sweetheart, and thankfully didn’t get the evil trait – I must admit I was worried. I’ve used a bit of CC for her because I wanted to keep her braids and there wasn’t much choice in game, so here’s what I’ve used!

02.67 SS33

Bun on Top hair – SheSpeaksSimlish

02.67 SS34

Braid Series 2 – SheSpeaksSimlish

02.67 SS35

Satin Bonnet – SheSpeaksSimlish (can you tell that I adore her content?)

Also, Shea’s room got a well needed makeover – it really suits her 🙂

02.67 SS36

I had this song stuck in my head the entire time I wrote this, hence the title of the chapter. Hope you like it as much as I apparently do! I hadn’t thought about this song in years  (I used to listen to it every summer when I was younger – might have to start doing that again!)




13 thoughts on “2.67 – (I Know It’s Going To Be) A Lovely Day!

  1. That waking up sequence was brilliant. I’d feel sorry for the rest of the family, but I’m too busy laughing to care all that much. xD

    Oh Helen. D: I hope she and the nooboo made it to the hospital in time!

    Aww, seeing Yari, Al, Leo and Lyra being space monsters makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. ❤ Can't get over how gorgeous Yari looks in her swimsuit! 🙂

    I love that Al's still so shy and that Ellie's still so outgoing after all this while. ❤

    Happy birthday to Shea! She's aged up so pretty! I love the CC you picked out for her hair and her room looks amazing! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Same here – I’m laughing too hard to really feel bad about it XD I mean, if you have a bright green horn, you might as well use it!
      Helen got to the hospital, don’t worry 🙂 (I used MC Command to make her leave, but shhhhhh)
      Yari is so so pretty – the game did a wonderful job of randomising her outfits, too!
      And yeah, they’re still the same people as they were as children, just… more at peace with it. They’ve grown 🙂 ❤
      I'm glad you love the CC! I have pretty much all SheSpeaksSimlish's cc in my game, and it took me ages to decide which bits to use. And I had so much fun with her room! I haven't used that colour combo before, but I saw the bed and decided to design around it!
      Thank you ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • She’d be perfect at sporting events. 😀

        I find that TS4 is getting better with outfits for townies! Less crazy and more coherent. 🙂 Of course, you do have the odd one which is super strange… xD

        I love seeing how they’ve progressed over time! All that refinement in their characters is such a pleasure to watch. ❤

        It turned out beautifully! I look forward to seeing what she gets up to as a teen. 😀


        Liked by 1 person

    • It’s lovely to write a completely happy chapter! ❤ I try to never let things get too sad, but this one was completely lighthearted and fun – I loved it.
      Shea is stunning, and Al and Yari are such a wonderful couple. I'm so glad the families have agreed to get along. It won't be long til the wedding! 😀


  2. Shea looks amazing! I immediately went to that CC page and will be using so many of her items! I’ve been looking for good CC so I could “grow out” the hair of one of my Sims.

    Also, I love that Shea is going to have a similarly carefree, mischievous, and fun personality like her older family members! They seem like they’d be so much fun to hang out with. This family really loves each other, and I see it so clearly because of how you write them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Shespeakssimlish is one of my absolute fave creators! I tend to check her page a couple of times a week just to see if there’s anything new up 🙂 I’m so glad you found what you were looking for there!
      Shea is a gem, I love her to bits. She had a rough start, with a mum in prison and her gran dying, but she’s as much a part of the family as any of the other kids now 🙂 Leo and Ly have paid her special attention, too, so she’s definitely got that mischievous streak that seems to run with them! I’m really looking forward to having her teenage years starting – teens have a lot more freedom than kids, and I think she’ll make the most of it!
      It always makes me happy that you can see the love between them all ❤ I love them to bits! If I could, I would totally spend all my time with them =p

      Liked by 1 person

    • She’s stunning 🙂 I’m really looking forward to seeing how her new trait/aspiration play out, and hopefully she’ll be able to make more friends at her new school! She never brought anyone home as a kid, so I’m hoping for a change, there 🙂 She’s going to do great things, I can tell!


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