2.65 – A Little More Conversation

Al was more nervous than he had ever been in his life.

Actually, that was a lie. He’d been afraid of everything once – so deeply, completely afraid that it had been nearly impossible for him to function outside of the house. This wasn’t anything like the nerves that had built up at the mere thought of others seeing him all those years ago. This was… different. This time he worried for reasons outside of himself. He loved Yaritza, and it was for her sake that he hoped her family would like him.

He started on what was probably his third slice of chocolate cake, going through all possible scenarios in his head. He was going to be prepared, no matter what.

02.65 SS01

Al, put a shirt on. Papa wants us all in the garden to go over some ‘ground rules’.

He snickered. He could hear Lyra’s eyes rolling from the other side of the house.

I’ll just be a minute. By the way, how do you know I don’t have a shirt on?

You never have a shirt on at this time on weekends. And you’d better not have eaten all that cake!

He looked in the fridge, groaning when he saw the empty platter. How much had he managed to get through this morning?

Whoops. I’ll make you another one later, I promise.


He laughed, shutting the door again. He really did need to pay more attention to what he was doing. Eight whole slices. So much for his sister being the glutton in the family…

I heard that.

She might be a glutton, but she really was a remarkable telepath.


“It’s about time, baby brother. I think papa would have cried if you’d kept us waiting much longer,” Leo said, grinning.

“I would not.”

02.65 SS02

“He totally would,” Malik mouthed from behind his husband, holding up his hands in surrender when Lor whirled around to glare at him. Al laughed. If he and Yari could be even half as happy as his parents, they’d be living the dream.

“Right,” Lor said, clapping his hands together, “rule time.”


“We need to make a good impression, Shea. Besides, most of these rules don’t apply to you, so don’t worry.” He still got that goofy smile every time Shea called him ‘Papa’, though she’d been saying it for almost a year now. The first time it had happened, Al had been sure his dads would faint they were so happy. They’d been adopted by her, not just the other way around.

“So, first things first. No telepathy.”

Predictable, but still groan-worthy.

“I’m serious! While we have guests, all conversations will be held out loud, understand?”

“Yes, papa,” they chorused, with varying degrees of enthusiasm.

“Does that rule start now?” Lyra asked.

“Well, no. Why?”

“Good, because if it did then Ellie would have broken it. She’s going to be a bit late – she can’t find her glasses.”

“Ask her if they’re on her head. That’s where mine tend to be.”

Lyra closed her eyes for a moment, and giggled. “Yeah, they were. She’ll be here in a minute.”

02.65 SS03

“I wonder why she contacted me…” “Probably because you’ve got the longest range.” “Ayyyyyy” “Not an innuendo, Ly.”

02.65 SS04

It was probably a good idea to wait out by the front of the house. If they were going to all this effort to make a good impression, it wouldn’t do to have no-one waiting to greet their guests. Besides, if it was partially because he wanted to see his fiance, well, who could blame him.

02.65 SS05

He’s totally being a front-door guard. No napping is happening here, honest.


“I’m awake!” He leapt up from the chair, knocking it over as his legs got tangled in it. His jaw dropped.

“You look absolutely stunning.”

“I’m glad, because I feel a little overdressed. Mum said we should dress up and- hang on, I didn’t know you could do that.”

Al looked up, grinning at the surprise on her face. “Honestly, it’s one of the first times it’s actually worked for me. Tada! Sixan quick-change powers.”

02.65 SS06

“That doesn’t sound like a real thing.”

“It totally is, though. The last time I tried it I ended up with my trousers on my head.”

“Where was your shirt?”

“You don’t want to know.”

“Well, you look great,” Yaritza said, smiling as she stepped forwards and kissed him. “Are you as nervous as I am?”


02.65 SS07

“Me, too. My family will be here soon – Amata couldn’t decide which top to wear. She’s been so excited to meet you all. I’ve talked her out of saying ‘we come in peace’, though. I have to warn you, my sister has been a little… unpredictable since she hit her teens. It’s not her fault, but if she starts behaving oddly, please don’t be annoyed at her.”

“I’m sure it’ll be fine. If it makes you feel better you can let the others know?”

She shook her head. “That would just draw attention to it. We’ll keep our fingers crossed, ok?”


02.65 SS08


02.65 SS09

“Stop worrying, Al. They’ll be here soon.”

02.65 SS10

“Hey guys? I found someone.”

02.65 SS11

“So this is the boyfriend…” Breathe, Al. Seriously. Breathe. And say something. Talking is good.

“Hello, Mr Vaughan. It’s good to meet you.”

“Well, you’re polite at least. It’s good to meet you, too.”

Al smiled, relieved. He’d managed a whole sentence without messing up. If he could do that a few more times today then maybe this would go well.

“Would you like a drink? We’ve got lemonade and iced tea, but if you’d like something else then the twins are pretty good at mixing things.”

“Lemonade would be good.”

02.65 SS12

Everyone’s here now! It took about an hour for them all to arrive. The girl in the white lace shirt is Amata – isn’t she pretty?

“You’re the dancer, aren’t you?”

Lyra blinked, taken aback.  “Yes. Well, I used to be. Not so much anymore.”

“Can you teach me?” Amata asked. “Yari said that you can spin fire.”

“I can, but-”


02.65 SS13

“Ok, but no fire spinning for now, got it?” “Got it.”

02.65 SS14

“Like this?” “Almost. You’ve got to relax your shoulders a little more.”

02.65 SS15

They’re having fun, yay!

02.65 SS16

Things are going well, especially if that’s Margarita in the background over there.

02.65 SS17.5

“So, have you got any career plans for after school?” “Dad…”

02.65 SS17

“Are you sure you’ve never played this before? How are you doing so well?” “Shhh… Shea. Now, which button makes me go faster?” “Are you serious?”

02.65 SS18

“I’m going to beat you!” “Nuh-uh. Video games are my job, remember?”

02.65 SS19

“I think I won!” “Yeah, but HOW?”

02.65 SS20

“It was good to see you dance again, sis.” “Yeah, well don’t get too used to it, ok?”

02.65 SS21

“One martini please.” “How about no?”

02.65 SS23

Honestly, I am so surprised no fights have broken out yet. I guess the whole ‘fill the garden with activities so everyone is too occupied to argue’ plan worked! I wasn’t sure it would.

02.65 SS24

Look at these two geeks getting on together. No, seriously, they both have the geek trait. It seems to be really popular in this save! Yari has it, too… and Ellie. And Ashlynn. Yikes. This is totally geek world.


02.65 SS25

Oh dear, they’re singing.

02.65 SS26

“I can’t believe mum’s singing.” “Can’t be any worse than Ly, don’t worry.”

02.65 SS27

“Times like this make me glad I’m going deaf.” “I’m gonna tell mum you said that.” “Please don’t.”

02.65 SS28

“So, anyone want to sing with me after they’re done?” “…” “Nobody?”

02.65 SS29

“I will.” “Thank you, Al.”

02.65 SS30

“I don’t think we’re very good at this.” “Fun, though.”


02.65 SS31

“See? Nothing to worry about, love.” “I wasn’t worried.” “Sure, Lor. Sure.”



“Yeah, Shea?”

“Is Al going to leave?”

02.65 SS32

“Yeah, he is.”

“I don’t want him to leave.”

“He won’t be gone. It will be like with Ellie – she’s here all the time. Al will be, too.”

02.65 SS34

“And you? Lyra?”

“In the end.”

“What about me?”

“That’s up to you.”

02.65 SS35

“I’m going to miss you.” “Shea…”

02.65 SS36

“And then she set it on fire!” “It was only a little fire.” “Still, fire.”

02.65 SS37


“Thank you for doing all this, Mr Centauri.”

“You’re welcome. I think it went well,” Lor paused, “didn’t it?”

“Yes, it did.”

02.65 SS38



“Papa? Dad? I’ve got work early tomorrow, so I’m heading home.”

Lor ran to the door. “Wait. I’ve got something I need to ask you.”

“I’m listening…”

02.65 SS39

“You might want to sit down.”

02.65 SS40

“So, I’ve been working on something.”

“Is this the thing Dad told you off for?”

Lor looked down at his hands. “Maybe…”

“Are you going to tell me what it is?”

“Only if you promise not to tell anyone.”

“It’s not illegal, is it?”

“I’ve never checked. That way I can claim ignorance.”


Well, he might as well just come out and say it. He took a deep breath and looked into her eyes.

“I’m creating a body for a sentient A.I.”

She stared at him, stunned.

“I’m almost done, I’m just missing a few components. I have contacts on Sixam, and they’ve agreed to get them for me. I need someone to pick them up, and you’re the only astronaut I trust, Ellie.”

“I get to go to Sixam?” she asked, and he could see the excitement in her eyes. “I get to see where we’re from?”

“Yes. I’d need to make a few adjustments to your rocket, but I promise you they’re safe. I’ll be with you all the time and-”


02.65 SS41


“I’ll do it. When can we start?”


Leo walked over to the living area, the plate of macaroons balanced on his hand. Lyra was already there, but something felt wrong.


She didn’t look up.

02.65 SS42

Ly? What’s wrong?

No telepathy, remember?

The sims are gone. We can chat like this all you want.

“Unless,” he added out loud, “you’d rather talk like this?”

She shook her head.

No, not really.

Her voice in his head was sad, tinged with blue and the scent of salt. He sat down, placing the plate between them.

02.65 SS43

Did you not have fun?

That’s not it. 

Come on, tell me.

She bit back a sob, and he hugged her.

Don’t want to talk about it, huh?

She shook her head and he handed her a macaroon.

Want me to go?

She shook it again, even more vigorously.

Don’t go. Please. I’ll cheer up.

Well, I might have something to help with that. You see, I had an idea.

Oh no.

“Oi,” he said, and she giggled, wiping her eyes.

So, you know we’ve got some money to build our own houses, yeah?


Well, maybe we could combine ours and do something a bit fancier?


I mean, we’d have separate sections and everything, but maybe a joint kitchen or garden or something like that. Only if you want to, of course.


“Wow, she speaks.”

Lyra pouted, and he grinned back at her. Her mind was turning green again, and when she next spoke he could feel her natural energy returning.

I’d like that.

02.65 SS44

“I have the best ideas.”


Lyra hugged him, almost crying again but for a completely different reason. She wasn’t going to be alone. She might not know what was going to happen to her when the government decided on her future, but she’d have her twin with her. She could do anything.

02.65 SS45


A/N – So, I actually really struggled with this chapter (hence the long break). I’m not used to having to keep an eye on so many sims at once, and keeping the pace flowing was very difficult. This whole thing happened about six in-game hours, and I spent about twice that long in real-hours writing and re-writing this chapter. I’m still not sure about it, but I think it’s because it’s out of my comfort zone. I hope you enjoy it, and hopefully next time I have to do something like this I’ll be a little more sure of what I’m doing!


11 thoughts on “2.65 – A Little More Conversation

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! 😀 and yeah, I couldn’t bear to have the twins splitting up =p They’ll have separate sections, but on the same lot and with a few shared things 🙂 I’m gonna go all out with the wedding this time – I actually have enough money to do so for once! Ellie is off to Sixam, yay!


  1. Aww, I love that he ate an entire cake out of nerves! And that he maintains his figure in spite of it all, yeesh! xD

    Ellie is such a lovable absent-minded Sim. (Speaking of, that would be a wonderful trait to have in TS4.)

    Shea’s mismatched party socks make me so happy! And I totally laughed at her attempts to order a martini. xD

    I love how the siblings are so colour-coordinated with Al and Yari! Lyra’s party outfit looks amazing. I’m so happy she taught Amata to dance!

    (…also, that dark clothing looks awesome with Leo’s skin. ❤ )

    Geek central! Yay for video games. ❤

    The party went so well! I'm really glad for Al and Yari (and Lor as well, poor thing). They look so happy that everyone's having a good time and getting along.

    Yay for operation Steve being a hit with Ellie! Somehow I knew she would be raring to go once she heard the idea. 😀

    *hugs Lyra* Leo is such a great twin and brother. He knows exactly what to say and do to comfort his siblings, and he doesn't push or upset them at all. It's a wonderful skill to have.

    Also, I really enjoyed this chapter! Parties are like that – a bit chaotic and practically impossible to control and document correctly, but I think you did it justice. Everyone enjoyed themselves and were featured well. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am so jealous of his cake-eating metabolism! Rude, much =p
      I would love the absent-minded trait! There was one like that in TS3, wasn’t there? I remember using something like that quite a bit =p
      Shea picked her own outfit – I was really happy with how cute it was!! Would you believe me if I said I never noticed that the siblings were co-ordinated? XD I had to go back and look, and I was just like ‘oh yeah!’. And yep, Ly likes dancing, even though it makes her sad at the moment.Plus, I think she wanted to do all she oculd to make the party go well.
      Ellie is so there if space is involved!
      And Leo is awesome. He hasn’t yelled at people in ages – he just breaks the dollhouse most days and then swims angrily XD He loves his family a lot!
      I’m so happy you enjoyed it! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • I would give an arm to eat cake like that and not have any part of my body change as a result…but that’s a bit of a paradox. xD

        Yes there is! It’s quite endearing. 🙂

        Shea did such a great job coordinating her outfit! Definitely best dressed. (Don’t tell Yari!) 😉

        I’m glad the other siblings enjoyed themselves and were happy too! All the hugs for Ly, Leo and Ellie. ❤

        I really did! (And I always do! 😉 )

        Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s a great chapter ! It flows really well , and I enjoy all the dynamics ! I especially loved the interweaving of telepathy with spoken conversation! And… a body for our sentient friend ! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I enjoyed this chapter very much, so it was worth the wait. I’m such a fan of this family and their story, so you might wanna take this next statement with a grain of salt.

    Eh, I’m sure the story was fine without all the editing! The families got along great. We’re going to Sixam! And the twins are moving in together! What more could we want?

    Okay, I get how a writer wants to be satisfied with their own story. So take all the time you need on your chapters.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it! 😀 The next chapters shouldn’t take nearly as long – in my head they’re a lot more focused 🙂
      I’m so happy with how everything’s going for them! A lot of this is game-driven, so I’m lucky 🙂 And yep, I couldn’t bear to separate the twins =p I mean, who could?
      Shea’s birthday is soon, too! Yay!

      Liked by 1 person

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