Intermission: Not Very Sneaky

02.63.5 SS01

“Umm… ok? Why are you in my house?”

02.63.5 SS02

“Come back!”

02.63.5 SS03

“I’m here to eat your parents.” “Please don’t.”

02.63.5 SS04

“Can I eat you?” “I’d reallly rather you didn’t.”

02.63.5 SS05

“I can’t eat them, I can’t eat you – who CAN I eat?!” “No-one?” “I’m going to eat someone.”

02.63.5 SS06

“Look, I didn’t want to do this…” “Oh plum.”

02.63.5 SS07

“Please don’t probe me!” “Ly? Stop threatening people with probes.” Oh look, Lor’s awake just in time to embarrass his daughter.

02.63.5 SS08

Nope, false alarm. He went back to sleep. Awkward~

02.63.5 SS09

“If you won’t probe me, then I’m gonna eat you.”

02.63.5 SS10

“Feck that, to be perfectly honest.”

02.63.5 SS11

“Wait, you’re a vegetarian?” “I don’t want to drink the blood…” “Then don’t do it, you ridiculous man!”

02.63.5 SS12

“Please leave.” “Ok…”

02.63.5 SS13

“Hah, fooled you! I’m totally not leaving.”

02.63.5 SS14

“You really shouldn’t say your plans out loud if you don’t want me to stop you. Get out.”

02.63.5 SS15

“Fine, bossy.” “I’m not bossy.”

02.63.5 SS16

Um, Mr Vampire? The sun is up.

02.63.5 SS17

He really doesn’t care. He’s just annoyed.


11 thoughts on “Intermission: Not Very Sneaky

    • I know, right! I was like ‘You may be an uninvited vampire out to drink blood, but I like your style!’ This is the first time they’ve broken into my legacy, so I thought I’d mark the occasion =p


    • To be fair, I think Lyra had the advantage with her mind-powers and fake probes XD Plus, he interrupted her while she was sneaking downstairs to grab cake – no one messes with cake time!
      I wonder if she’ll tell anyone about it, actually. She might not have been awake enough to distinguish it from a dream…

      Liked by 1 person

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