2.60 – Flying the Nest

The house was just as she’d imagined it.

02.60 SS01

Sitting in her room, pouring over blueprints and rough sketches, she’d hardly dared to hope that it would turn out like this. It was beautiful- like the stars themselves had come down to live with her.

02.60 SS02

“So, you like it?”

Ellie ran over to her papa and hugged him. He smelt like hot metal and herbs. “I love it. Thank you so much.”

“Hey, you did most of the work, I just hired the builders,” he grinned, hugging her back. “I can’t believe it. My Ellie-baby, leaving home.”

“Not for a couple of weeks. Besides, I’ll only be across the road. We’ll see each other all the time.”


“I promise. You’re not getting rid of me that easily.”

“I’d never want to be rid of you, love. Now, lets go home. Mal’s cooking today.”

Elle made a face, and Lor laughed. “Don’t you look at me like that, he enjoys cooking.”

“Yeah, but some of us enjoy eating,” she said, giggling as she dodged a playful swat to the head. “Lets go. Don’t want Lyra devouring it all before we get back.”

02.60 SS03

“Ellie, don’t be mean to your sister.”

“Well, she will!”

The restrictions placed on them might chafe, but in all honesty she was glad to have an excuse to remain close by. She’d miss them all too much if she left for good.


“Look at you! Sitting on a bench all confident and stuff,” Yaritza said, jogging over to her boyfriend. “You actually look happy.”

He grinned at her as she sat down . “I am happy.”

02.60 SS0402.60 SS05

“I saw you at school yesterday.”

“Ah yes,” he said, nodding wisely. “I so rarely go to school. Must have been quite a shock.”

She elbowed him, laughing. “Don’t be silly. I mean I saw you there.”

He flushed with pleasure. The day itself had been awful – jeering, taunts, disgusted looks. If it hadn’t been for Leo, he might never have made it through the full day. Lyra had tried to help, but she had definitely been worse for wear and had proved no more intimidating than an uncoordinated octopus. Leo, however, had been ferocious. Definitely living up to his namesake.

One day he hoped that the same could be said of him.

“I didn’t want to hide anymore,” he said. It was true. He wasn’t ashamed of who he was now, and he had wanted to prove it – both to himself and everyone else. “I want people to see me, even if they don’t like me. I like me.”

He could see the bright green glow of her aura as he spoke, and he knew how proud she was. She probably wouldn’t say it, what with him being the ‘sap’ in their relationship, but it was more than enough.

“Do I need to be worried? If the other girls get to see you properly, what’s to stop them from trying to steal you away? I might need to take up kickboxing just to be able to keep you.”

He laughed – a full, joyful sound that drew attention to them from the other sims in the park. Their stares had no power over him anymore. He’d let them control him for too long already.

“You don’t need to worry about that, Yari. If anything, I should be worried! They might try to lure you away from my evil, alien ways.”

“Like you could be evil,” she laughed. “You’re about as far from evil as I am from a daffodil.”

“I dunno, you’re both really pretty,” he said, making a photo frame with his fingers and peering through it. “Yep, very pretty. Plus you’re wearing green – maybe that’s your stem?”

“Ah, I see… and you are wearing red,” she said, trying to keep a straight face. “The most evil of colours. Perhaps I should be careful around you after all.” She giggled, putting on a high pitched voice. “Oh dear, someone help me. There’s an evil sixan here and he wants to enter me into a flower show.”

02.60 SS06

“Ahhhhhhh save me!”

02.60 SS07

“I give, I give. Please, no more tickling.”

02.60 SS08

“I love you, you know,” she said, leaning against him. “I do worry, though.”

He looked at her, eyes wide. “Why? Is something wrong?”

“Not really. It’s just… well, I’m leaving school at the end of the year. You’ll still be there.”

“I’ll only be a year behind you,” he said. Was she really that worried about such a small age gap?

“You’ll be at school, surrounded by pretty girls your own age. I’ll be stuck in some dingy office. What if I’m grumpy all the time, or busy? What if you meet someone else?”

“I’d rather be with you. Even if we don’t see each other every day, or you’re in a bad mood, or… well. I don’t want anyone else.”

“You’re sweet.”

“I mean it.”

“I know.”

02.60 SS09

She was smiling at him, but he could still feel uncertainty pulsing from her in waves. He closed his eyes, making a decision.

“May I?” he asked.

“May you what?”

He gestured to his head, and then touched hers. “I won’t read your mind, I promise. I just want to show you something from mine.”

“Doesn’t that only work with other Sixans?”

He shook his head, smiling slightly. “I thought so, but I caught Shea playing with the twins a while back, and they were doing a sort of ‘extreme charades’ thing. One of them would send Shea a phrase, and she would try to act it out for the other.”

She touched his hand cautiously. “Does it hurt?”

“No, not at all.”

She nodded once and closed her eyes.

He gathered all his energy, and began sending. Frame by frame, he showed her snapshots of his memories. He sent an image of her smile, accompanied by the warmth it brought him. There were moments from their childhood – playing together on the monkey bars, shooting pretend space monsters, playing with the dollhouse. All of them were filled with happiness and safety and a sense of belonging.

He sent her the memories of that day at the picnic area where she’d warned him about the disguise, their first kiss, laughing behind the bench as they hid from her father. Everything. He stopped, took a deep breath and stood up, looking at her.

Her eyes fluttered open, and he could see dampness on her cheeks. Her pupils were dilated. “That was… wow. I wasn’t expecting that.”

“I love you,” he said. Hopefully, after seeing herself through his eyes, she could understand just how much he meant it. He reached into his pocket.



He took her hand and pulled her up so that she faced him. He was still shaking slightly from using his powers – he’d never done anything quite like that before. At least, that’s what he told himself it was from.

He took a ring out from his pocket.

02.60 SS10

“This ring can be a promise of as much or as little as you’re comfortable with, but I want you to know that I meant every word I said. I only have eyes for you. ”

She burst into tears, and his heart plummeted to his feet. Had he gone too far? He had, hadn’t he? Plum it all… stupid, stupid, stupid!

“Since when did you get all good with words?” she sobbed, and his heart began to beat again, settling somewhere near his ankles. “I’m meant to be the smooth one, Al. Me.”

He wasn’t quite sure what to say. Had he messed up, or not?

She held out her hand, smiling at him with red-rimmed eyes. “I’m a mess, but I’m a happy mess.”

“So, that means…?”

She nodded.

02.60 SS1102.60 SS12

“You’re glowing again.”

02.60 SS13


Ellie looked around the garden, satisfied. She loved her rocket, but there were few things in life more relaxing than tending to a well loved garden. She sighed. She’d included a few plant beds in her house plan, at least. She’d just have to get them going early on. She shouldn’t really be sneaking back home every day just to mess around with flowers – it was hardly the adult thing to do.

Tomorrow, she would start on a garden of her very own.

02.60 SS14

“Papa won’t mind if I take some cuttings, right?”

02.60 SS15

“Come on, gorgeous. Gotta get you ready for moving day!”

02.60 SS16

“Who’s the space pirate? I’m the space pirate!”

Miss Ella Centauri,

We are pleased to inform you that, having reviewed your qualifications and background, you have been chosen for an internship at the Institute of Advanced Interstellar Exploration. Please report to Central Command this Monday for orientation.

P.S. We would be very interested to see what modifications you have made to your personal ship. The deflector sheild in particular is something we have not seen before. Perhaps you would consider working with our technicians once you have settled in.

Ellie cheered, spinning around on the chair with childlike abandon. She had the job! Well, she amended, the internship. All the hours hunched over textbooks had paid off. She read the email once more before opening the attachment. She groaned. Daily exercise schedule? She hated exercise.

02.60 SS17

“Where are you hiding, birthday girl?”

“Otis! You made it!” Ellie jumped out of the chair and ran into the main room.”Guess what?”


“I got the job!” she squealed. His face lit up.

“I knew you would! They’d have to be crazy not to hire you.”

“Well, they are sims,” she joked. “No offence.”

02.60 SS18

“None taken,” he said, picking up the bag by his feet. “Happy Birthday. I got you a little something for the house.”

She opened it, clapping her hands in delight when she saw what it was. “It’s perfect! I know exactly where it can go.” She handled the canvas with care, tracing the outline of the flying saucer with her index finger. “I love it.”

“Oooooh, what did you get?”

“Patience, Ly,” she said, grinning at her friend as they moved towards the table.

02.60 SS19

“She’s nosy. You get used to it.” “I already am.”

They ‘oooh-ed’ and ‘ahhh-ed’ over the painting, everyone looking properly impressed. She was surprised she hadn’t started glowing yet.

“I should get started,” Leo said, pushing his chair out from under the table and standing up.

“Started on what?”

“Well, you don’t want dad making the cake, do you?” he said, laughing. “Don’t worry, I’ve been practicing.”

02.60 SS20

“Can I help you decorate it?” Lyra asked, eyes shining. “I have some edible glitter upstairs.”

“… why on earth do you have that? What have you been getting up to?”

“It’s in case I get hungry.”

02.60 SS21

“That’s probably the least disturbing answer to that question possible. Phew.”

02.60 SS22

He loves baking – look how happy he is.

02.60 SS23

“Leo, did you break the dollhouse again?” “… maybe. Don’t be mad, I have cake.”

02.60 SS24

“This is going to be so much fun! I made drinks for everyone!” “… they’re not exploding ones, are they?” “Wow, rude, Otis.” “I remember the bonfire, Lyra.”

02.60 SS25

Everyone’s getting dressed up. Very snazzy.

02.60 SS30


Ellie flicked the switch, laughing as confetti exploded out of the cannon. Everything was wonderful.

02.60 SS31

“Yay, colours!” “…bleh.” “You’re not meant to eat the confetti.”

02.60 SS32

“Thanks for being here. I’m really glad you’re my friend.”

If this was how adulthood started, then perhaps it wouldn’t be so scary after all. She could make it work.

Ellie has now moved out, so it’s time for a HOUSE TOUR! ❤

02.60 SS33

The bedroom: Bright, purple, funky. The picture above her bed is the one she got as a birthday present – much alien, very spaceship.

02.60 SS34

The kitchen section of the main room: Lots of warm colours ❤ I wanted it to feel homey, but in a different way to the big house.

02.60 SS35

The living room section: Yes, I made the TV bigger. Shhhhh…

02.60 SS36

Bathroom: Simple but efficient.

02.60 SS37

The house design included the observatory, but the rocket was transferred 🙂



18 thoughts on “2.60 – Flying the Nest

    • Al did such a good job XD I think he used up his entire lifetime supply of smoothness though =p He’s awkward by nature!
      And yay! I’m a sucker for IRL house tours, too =p They’re so much fun! (and that wallpaper I used on the outside is one of my favourites, I’ve got to admit. With the right lights it actually glows!)

      Liked by 1 person

  1. The house is so gorgeous! I love the exterior, and the interior suits her so well. Huge congratulations to her on her new internship! She’ll be out of this world. (Pun intended.) 😀

    Aww, Al and Yari! I’m really happy for them. I hope they stick to their promise and end up with each other when they’re adults!

    “… maybe. Don’t be mad, I have cake.” 😀 ❤ xD Aww, Leo.

    Also, Otis eating the confetti by mistake made me laugh. xD

    Liked by 1 person

    • HUZZAH FOR HOUSE LOVE!! ❤ I am really proud of it =p Space will never be a limit for her again, with that job 🙂
      And yep! They are too cute, it's ridiculous =p I think he really did shock her, though!

      Plus, Leo and Otis are always good for a laugh =p

      Liked by 1 person

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