Centauri Toddlers!

New chapter should be up this evening (it’s about half written right now) but I just couldn’t wait to show you these adorable cuties =p



I gave him ‘inquisitive’ because he was one of those children that kept asking ‘why’ all the time – who says he didn’t start that at this age? There’s a reason he’s a scientist, after all =p




So sweet – started early with the black clothing, of course. She had her natural red hair until it started changing over her childhood years, so here she is. I gave her inquisitive, because she was such a nosy little thing =p




Look at him in his tiny dungarees! So small, so sweet. His childhood trait was ‘good’, so I gave him angelic as his toddler trait πŸ™‚ He’s still got Mal’s hair colour, but it seems a bit lighter here. Probably from being in the sun so much.




Honestly, I imagine that if anyone had tried to make him keep his red hair, he’d have thrown a tantrum =p I can’t imagine it any other colour now, so he gets to keep his hair black.Β He got the ‘wild’ trait – you can probably guess why!




This lass got the charmer trait, because lets be real – she totally is. Remember her bunny sweater-dress that she wore during her childhood? I had to give her a bunny top to keep the theme going πŸ™‚ Same with the pigtails. What a cutie.

I haven’t done Shea yet (she isn’t in my gallery – I need to fix that) but you’ll find a toddler picture of her showing up at some point soon =p

Kit x


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