02.54 – Flowers


“Wait… don’t do this.”

Death turned, face shrouded in darkness.

“You seem to believe that I have a choice.”


“Take this instead.”


“Where did you find this?”

“I grew it. Is it enough?”


“It is… acceptable.”


Death spoke only once more before leaving.

“You cannot keep me away forever.”


“I know.”


Do not lie to me…

If you fight, it will make this much harder.

Lor turned to look at the spectre, staring at the point where eyes should be.

“I just wanted her family to be able to say goodbye. It’s something I didn’t get with my own.”

The hooded figure faded away.

“Goodbye,” Lor murmured, turning back to his work. He slid his hand into his pocket, fingers ghosting over the three remaining flowers.

He should pick some more.


12 thoughts on “02.54 – Flowers

  1. Ooh spooky! I’m glad Lor was present and able to intervene. Yay for second chances. I can totally relate…I’m not afraid of death myself, but I’d want more time to say proper goodbyes to all the people I love too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think coming home to his entire family dead really stuck with him – he doesn’t want people to go through that if he can help it. I have a feeling he’ll be one of those people that retires when they’re old so they can spend as much time with loved ones as possible – to die at work would break his heart.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! 🙂 Looking back at some of my early chapters almost makes me cringe now =p
      And yes, it’s short alas. I’ve been very ill, but I wanted to get something done so people don’t think I’ve abandoned the story. Plus I missed my sweethearts – I can never stay away from this family for too long! =p


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