Intermission – After Party



“So, I caught fire somehow. Whoops.” “You’d have loved my grandma – she was on fire a lot, too! Are you ok, though?” “Meh.”


Siblings re-united in schoolwork, huzzah!Β 


“Oi! Shea, come back here a sec.”


“I wanna be an alien, too.” “No you don’t. You’ve got freedom, lass. Enjoy it.”


Awwww ❀ Happy family πŸ™‚



“Why is this so much harder? I’m gonna fail and I’ve only just started.”


“Don’t worry too much, they don’t expect you to know everything right away. Just give it your best shot.”


“By the way, why are you working out here?” “I’m easily distracted. If I tried to work in there I’d just get talking.” “Fair enough. Want me to bring you some cake?” “Yes, please.”

8 thoughts on “Intermission – After Party

  1. Malik and Lyra outside is the sweetest! Mmm, cake. πŸ˜€

    And I love how Al and Yaritza get along! They look so happy to be in each other’s company. Al’s human disguise works really well on him! I feel like he should talk to Shea more to get some perspective – I mean, she wants to be an alien!

    Also, yay for swimwear!Leo! πŸ˜€

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    • Al and Yaritza are wonderful πŸ™‚ They just make each other happy. No matter whether they stay as friends or it changes, I think they make each others lives brighter πŸ™‚ He and Shea should definitely have a conversation though – maybe it’ll make them both happier with who they are.
      Lyra and Otis hadn’t talked before this party, actually, but they’re getting along pretty well! He’s a great guy, and I’d like him to be friends with all of them if possible =p (Leo, lad, please don’t yell at him.)
      I’m glad you liked Leo’s swimwear XD thought you might.

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      • Ah I’m sorry! I thought it was Malik outside with Lyra there. πŸ˜› I’d love to see them hang out more, and for Otis to get to know everyone! He’s a cool dude.

        I’m so happy Al is able to be (mostly!) himself around her, and that she enjoys his company too. Time will tell for these two I guess!

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    • *waves* HI! πŸ˜€
      Yeah, the kids are very different =p Out of all 8 traits (two each) none of them are multiples. 8 entirely different traits, and I love it. Bizarrely, both twins have the same aspiration though.
      I’m so happy you’re enjoying it!

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