2.41 – Birthday and Night School


“Happy Birthday!”

Lor blew out his candles as his family cheered, though it took him a good few attempts to succeed.They kept relighting themselves. He heard giggling from behind him and turned to see Mal holding the original candles in his hands. Lor grinned at his husband, who had the decency to look at least slightly embarrassed. Ellie had probably put him up to it. Well, he may be old now, but he wasn’t going to lose his sense of humour. He’d get his revenge later.


“I totally have a thing for older men” Malik said, sweeping him into a kiss.


“Dad? What’s a ‘thing’?” Leo said, looking at them with curiosity. “Is that why you’re all pink?”

Yeah… that wasn’t a conversation they were going to have any time soon.



“So, still love me?” “Obviously. Even after those candles.”


Ellie had made up her mind. She could see colours around everyone she met, and the closer she grew to someone the more difficult it was to ignore their feelings battering at her mind. She needed help, and there was only one person she knew who could give it.


She knelt down on the floor in front of the grave and knocked gently on it three times. “Grandma? Are you there?”

“I’m over here, Ellie.”


“I don’t know what’s happening to me.”

Lissa looked down at the small girl. She’d been around the same age when her powers had kicked in. “You’re growing up, dear. All members of our species go through this.”

“You mean, I’m going to be like this forever?” she asked, her voice growing smaller.

“No. You can learn to control it.”


“See? We’re from that star right in that corner. The blue one.”


“Then why am I not blue like you and papa?”


“We can be many different colours, Ellie. Now, listen carefully…”

Later that night, a piece of paper clutched in her hands, Ellie felt at more at peace than she had in a long time.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”


Ellie ran inside, eager to show the others what she had found out. Sure, her grandma had used better words, but she had all the points down. Somehow, things didn’t seem so scary anymore.

EEllie's list.jpg

“Lissi? Is it time?” a voice whispered from behind her. Lissa turned to look at her wife, a gentle smile on her face.





Seriously, Lor?


Well, at least you didn’t land on the plants.


WE HAVE NO ROOM FOR MORE CHILDREN, LOR. Well, I guess we’ll find out later whether that’ll be a problem. *shakes head*


This is a short chapter, but it felt wrong to draw it out any more than this even though a lot happened. The paper I wrote Ellie’s list on was found here: https://pixabay.com/en/paper-parchment-city-city-view-787654/ – it’s public domain, and I changed the colour and things to suit her personality 🙂


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