2.37 – It’s a Nice Day (For a Night Wedding)

“I need to wear a suit?!”


“It’s only for a few hours. You look sweet in your suit, Leo.”

“I don’t want to look sweet. I want to look cool!”

“Ha. Good luck with that.”

“Lyra, be nice.”


“Papa, do I have to?”

“Yes, you do. Just this once.”


“I’ll wear my dress, papa!” “Good girl.”


Today was the day. There was plenty of work to do before the ceremony, but there was time.


He’d found his mothers’ wedding arch in storage. He hadn’t even known they’d kept it, but it fitted in the garden so beautifully. He wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out that Lissa had planned this when she’d planted the cherry tree in the garden. She’d always been an optimist.


For a long time he hadn’t believed that love was in his future, and this was the one time he was happy to be proved wrong.

He got up, stretching. Time to get things moving.


It wouldn’t do to have the garden looking less than perfect for the guests. One guest in particular, if he was honest.


He would make her proud.


Strawberry wedding cake? Check.

French toast? Check.

No one was going to starve on his watch.



“Are you sure, Mal? Because I could totally do it.”

“Don’t mind control our guests, love. I know you could do it, but lets try to do this the traditional way first.”


“Just a hivemind to make them happy?”

“No, Lor. Now stop messing around, they’ll be here any minute.”

Lor pouted before grinning up at his fiance. He couldn’t even pretend to be annoyed – not today. It wasn’t like he’d been serious.

Well, not very serious.


“Do you think she’ll be nice?”


“Our auntie. She’s probably really pretty, and talented, and-”

“-and a master kickboxer!”




“You look amazing.”

Lor turned at the gentle warmth in those words. The guests would arrive soon, but all he could think about was holding the man in front of him tightly and never letting go. “So do you.”

Malik kissed his hands, the way he had all those years ago. The big difference was that this time, thankfully, he didn’t run away afterwards.




So evil, but so pretty!

“So this is the man you ran off with. I’ve gotta admit, you’ve got good taste.”


“I really do.”

Lor felt his cheeks grow warm and looked around for some sort of escape. He wasn’t used to this level of scrutiny.

“Look who I found, papa!” Thank goodness for Ellie, he thought as he gratefully seized the chance to duck out of the limelight.

“Mrs Miles! I’m so glad you could make it.”


“I wasn’t lost.” (A/N She totally was)


Look at them! Like tiny ducklings all in a row ❤


“Kids? Meet your Auntie Ciara.”


“I like you! You’ve got a hint of the fire in you already!” “No corrupting the children, young lady.”


“You’ve grown up so fast, Altair! It seems like only yesterday you were a baby.”


Mmmmm lemonade!


Lyra gazed at the wedding arch. It seemed to be glowing softly in the fading light of the evening, as if lit by tiny fairies. One day she would get married under it, too. She’d make sure of it.


“So I yelled ‘SCREW YOU AND THE LLAMACORN YOU RODE IN ON’ and set fire to his hat. I also replaced all his shaving cream with toothpaste. You could smell him coming from miles away.”


“You’re the best aunt ever.” “Yeah, I know.”


“Papa? When are grandma Morgan and grandma Lissa getting here?”

“Any minute now. The sun should be low enough soon.”

“I thought you said that your grandparents were dead, Ellie” Mrs Miles said, a look of confusion on her face.

“Oh, they are!”

“They’re vampires?” Ciara chimed in, her eyes lighting up. Now vampires, that was something she could get behind. All that blood…

“No, they’re ghosts. They live in those graves over there.” she said, pointing to the lavender patch. They stared at her in disbelief for a few moments before Malik popped up behind them, breaking the tension.

“Honestly, why are you even surprised anymore, mum?”

She sighed. “That’s actually a fair point.”


They’re here! All the guests are now gathered, hooray!~~*~~



At last.


“I give it five minutes before they discover the surprise.”






“Grandma coming through!”


“I’ve still got it.”



“How is this even working?!”


“Let a pro show you how it’s done.”


Very impressive, Mal. Your butt-sliding skills are second to none.


Ellie, honey, you’re not meant to run through it…


“You’re not joining in?”

“Nah, it wouldn’t be good for the baby.”

“… you’re pregnant?!”


Ugh. Pregnancy sucks.


“Ahhhh! I’m being eaten by a shark!”


“We’ve done good, star girl.” ❤


The wedding is over, and everyone is leaving. Well, almost everyone.


“Mama? Seriously? It’s our wedding night.”


“I’m leaving, I’m leaving!”


“Well, they’re happy.”

“I can’t believe we called her bluff like that. I’m so embarrassed.”

“It worked, didn’t it?” Lor said, giggling.


“I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

Malik smiled, entwining their hands together. They were married.



21 thoughts on “2.37 – It’s a Nice Day (For a Night Wedding)

  1. What a wonderful wedding these two had! I’m so happy everything went so perfectly. The guests were on their best behaviour, the kids look so adorable all dressed up (and that dollhouse shot! <3), there was STRAWBERRY CAKE AND FRENCH TOAST YAY, and alsjglskjda I'm just so happy that it all was so perfect for Lor and Malik. They deserve nothing less.

    *ninjapig rolls through the water slide* ( . . ) 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    • Had to do french toast and strawberry cake =p
      As for getting the ghosts to show up, I found out that if you click on the gravestone when it’s late enough, there’s an option to summon the ghost (I can’t remember what words it uses, though – call forth ghost or something?) So I did that! 😀
      And the water slide was something that I thought up whilst playing, and I’m SO glad I went with it! 😀 I would go to that wedding =o

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! 😀 Honestly my heart is far too full with four of them running around – I spend most of my time going ‘AWWWW <3' and the rest of the time wondering where all the food Lor cooked had gone =p
      I'm so happy you enjoyed the wedding!


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