2.15 – Ain’t No Party Like an S(ixan) Club Party!

02.15 SS0102.15 SS02

“You’re doing a wonderful job with this place, Tomas.”

“It used to be easier to keep on top of the work, but someone keeps adding more plants” Tomas said, with an nod towards where the culprit was sitting.

“Sorry, Mr Dietrich!”

“Lor, don’t yell across the park, it’s rude.”

02.15 SS03

“You can talk – you’ve been doing it all morning with Mrs Dumas.”

“I’m old, I’m allowed to be loud.”

“Not sure that’s how it works, mama” Lor said, grinning as he started a new game.

“Of course it is, dear.”

02.15 SS04

“Oh, and then the penguin said to the bear…” “Mama, you’re going to be really easy to beat if you keep getting distracted.”

Lor didn’t really mind. He was just glad that they were spending time outside as a family. He loved his job, but it kept him away far more than he would have chosen. He only really got to see them for a couple of hours a day. The weekends were his chance to make it up.

“I’m going to go for a swim, ok?”

Lissa looked at him and reached over to ruffle his hair. “Have fun, dear. You know where to find me.”

02.15 SS05

“What did the bear do then?” “Well, the bear got really angry and…”

02.15 SS0602.15 SS0702.15 SS08


“So, when are we going to meet your new friends?”

02.15 SS09

“They’re not my friends, Mum. Not yet anyway.”

“You talk to them every night, Lor, they’re your friends.”

“They’re an interplanetary government advice centre.”

“Details, details. So, when do I get to meet them?”

Lor rolled his eyes and laughed. “I don’t know, mum. I haven’t exactly invited them over.”


02.15 SS10

*ring ring*

02.15 SS11

“We’re coming over. See you in an hour.”

“Wait, what?”


02.15 SS12

“Sorry we were late, we got caught in traffic.”

So many catsuits in one place – that was Lor’s first thought. The second was along the lines of ‘You’re two hours late and I was asleep. Now you’re all in slinky outfits and I’m in my bunny slippers’.

02.15 SS13

“Ahhhhh… so this is what the air is like here.” The woman with purple skin took a deep breath in and released it with a sigh of contentment.

“You aren’t a Sim, Mr Centauri. What’s going on? Why are your eyes so… purple?”

02.15 SS14

“That would be because I married a Sim. Lor is our son.”

The Sixans looked at him with renewed interest. It was rather embarrassing being on the receiving end of so many stares.

“Do you at least know out secret handshake?”

Lissa looked encouragingly at him, and he stepped forward. He could do this.

02.15 SS15

Hand forward, three clockwise circles… then… tips of the fingers touching? Why was it so hard to remember things under pressure?

“Huh, your family must have been from the south of the planet.”


02.15 SS16

“Is it true that you have bears here? Do they really go ‘grrrrrr’?” “I’m so sorry about my husband, Mr Centauri. He’s a bit of an Earth fanatic.”

02.15 SS17

“Why must you always apologise for me?” “Because we’re guests here, Gideon, and you forget to do it yourself.”

02.15 SS18

“Oh my word, look at this photo! Wait til we show the others that we’ve been in an actual bedroom ON EARTH!”

02.15 SS19

“What strange pets they have here.” “Are they really pets, Major?” “Oh, no! What if they are family members! I’m so sorry, ma’am.”

02.15 SS20

“What even is that?”

02.15 SS21

“I don’t know, Ash, but it tastes amazing!”

02.15 SS22

“Yes, tiny digital people, procreate for your master.”

02.15 SS23

“Um, Thalia? Have you been in here this whole time?”

02.15 SS24

“Errrr… no? MIND WIPE!”


Lor heard the door close behind his guests and slumped to the floor in exhaustion. How in the world did they have so much energy? He hauled himself up off of the floor and somehow stumbled his way into bed. Maybe he’d get to make a return visit one day.

02.15 SS26

12 thoughts on “2.15 – Ain’t No Party Like an S(ixan) Club Party!

    • With the scientist career he has a good chance of being able to visit one day 🙂 And honestly the Sixan invasion was like trying to herd cats with a carrot – it didn’t work and I spent most of the time chasing around trying to find them XD

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