2.11 – You’re Timeless to Me

02.11 SS01

Lor got out of bed and wiped his eyes blearily. Where on earth were his glasses? He had no idea where anything was in this room anymore. He walked slowly around, fumbling along the surfaces until-

“Aha! Gotcha.”

He put his glasses on, and then looked down at his hands in shock. What were those black smudges all over his… oh. Right. Now he remembered.

Lor walked into the bathroom and looked in a mixture of distaste and amusement at the black smears all around his eyes. Well, he thought, that’s what I get for not taking my make up off.

Ten minutes later he walked into the kitchen, fresh faced and ready to go. It was a special day after all. He didn’t have any time to waste.

02.11 SS02

Trust his parents to have their birthday the day after his.

02.11 SS0302.11 SS04

He took the cake out of the oven, grimacing as his glasses fogged up from the heat. He hoped it looked good; he’d followed the recipe book exactly. He placed the cake on the dining room table and tiptoed into his parents room. They were still asleep, probably exhausted from all the partying last night.

“Mama? Mum? Happy Birthday!”

They just mumbled and snuggled closer to eachother. Lor rolled his eyes.

“I said, ‘Happy Birthday!’, you two. Now get out of bed, I have a surprise for you.”

Morgan opened one of her eyes slightly and looked up at him.

“A surprise?”

“Yes. I can’t bring it in here though, so you’ll have to get out of bed.”

“Right, just let me wake Lissi. Give me, say… half an hour?”

Lor cleared out quickly after that. He had far too much of an idea about how she would wake her up and he did not want to be around.


02.11 SS05

“Come on, Momo, it’s your turn.” Lissa said, beckoning her wife over to the cake.

“But, but, but…”

“The sooner you do it the sooner we can eat the cake.”

02.11 SS0602.11 SS07

“That… wasn’t as bad as I’d thought it would be.”

“Wow, rude mum.”

“No, love, not the cake” Morgan laughed. “I meant the growing old part. The cake was delicious.”

Lor ducked his head and smiled as he took another forkful of cake. It didn’t matter how old he was, he loved it when people complimented his work. It really was a good cake, too.

“Right, I’m going to go and change. This was fine when I was younger but…”

“I’m going to do the same. Meet you outside in an hour?”


Lor watched them leave the room and began clearing the table. Operation: Bake Something Without Burning the House Down was a success.


02.11 SS08


Morgan turned around and her mouth dropped open. Just… wow~

“Lissi, you look amazing. And you cut your hair!”

“You can talk” Lissa laughed, running her fingers through the short spikes on her wife’s head. “Besides, this is much easier to look after than my old style.”

“That’s true.”

02.11 SS09

“So, do you still love me?”

02.11 SS10



14 thoughts on “2.11 – You’re Timeless to Me

    • I loved doing the makeover 🙂 I hadn’t wanted to change their looks too much when they were younger because it suits them both so well, but as soon as they became elders I just ran with it 🙂 I was so so happy with how they turned out!

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