2.08 – Lucky

02.08 SS0102.08 SS02


You would be proud if you could see our daughter now. She’s grown up so strong and happy and full of life. I know you can’t read this, but I have my reasons for writing to you.

I’ve been reading this book called ‘BTW, I’ll always love you’. I know, it sounds ridiculous – and it is for the most part. It made me think of you, though.

02.08 SS03

Our grandson (yes you have a grandchild!) has been asking about you. I told him about your ridiculous habit of getting purposefully abducted, and how much you loved your work. I even told him about your hair, in a fit of sentimentality. It felt so soft.

02.08 SS04

He’s such a smart boy. He’s certainly inherited your curiosity – I wonder if he’ll follow in your footsteps in other ways in the future. He’s very oblivious when it comes to other things, however. I think you would have liked him.

I had a wake up call last night.

02.08 SS0502.08 SS0602.08 SS0702.08 SS0802.08 SS09

Lissa begged for me. She faced the reaper head on and begged him to give me more time. Obviously, it worked.

02.08 SS1002.08 SS1102.08 SS12

The joy on her face nearly broke my heart. She kept saying that she loved me, and I could feel her tears on my shoulder.

02.08 SS1302.08 SS1402.08 SS15

None of us felt like sleeping after that.

02.08 SS1602.08 SS17

I don’t know if I’ve ever appreciated the stars from your planet’s surface quite so much. They’re beautiful. We all know that next time the reaper comes I’ll have to go with him, so I’m going to make the most of this second chance. I don’t want to have any regrets.

Lorcán refused to leave my side all night. I think he meant to stay up and talk to me, but he fell asleep within the first hour. He looked so sweet – and I won’t tell him that he snores. Pretty loudly in fact.

02.08 SS1802.08 SS1902.08 SS20

I spent some time in the observatory, saying goodbye to Sixam. It looks so small from down here, but it was my home for most of my life. It would have been yours, too, if things had been different.

02.08 SS2102.08 SS22

I made sure to be back inside before the family woke again – I didn’t want to worry them. Lor had to get up early for his job, so I was careful to keep an eye on the time. I was back in my room when he opened his eyes, and the relief in them was almost painful to see.

He’s doing very well, all things considering. He wanted to take the day off work to stay with me but I refused the offer. He’s so close to his promotion and I don’t want to hold him back

02.08 SS30

I’ll still be here when he returns. I know how long I have left.

02.08 SS2402.08 SS25

We spent the morning taking photos – Lissa even let me use her camera! It was pretty brave of her considering what I did to the computer last time I used it.

I made sure to talk to Tomas, too. I didn’t tell him what had happened, but he could tell that something was different.

02.08 SS2602.08 SS27

He’s a nice man, Elliott. He humours the old lady who is far from home, and I’m glad I got to meet him. I hope he won’t be too sad.

02.08 SS28

Lor got his promotion, just like I had hoped. I’m so happy for him.

02.08 SS3202.08 SS33

I know he’ll be well looked after. He has his parents, and he has Malik (though whether he knows how much he has that boy I do not know). He’s going to be a wonderful man one day.

02.08 SS23

How did I get so lucky, my love?

02.08 SS34

No regrets this time. I’ll see you soon.


02.08 SS35

A/N: If you want to know the story behind Verixe and Elliott, you can read it here.

19 thoughts on “2.08 – Lucky

    • Thank you so much ❤ Quite a bit of my world building is taken from the game itself (like only getting male sims pregnant by abduction), but the rest just happens as I go along 😀 and yay puns! Honestly, with puns terrible = amazing XD


  1. Oh Verixe! I’m so happy she got some extra time to wrap up what she needed to do and to say proper goodbyes. It’s so bittersweet, but she had lived such a meaningful life. I hope she and Elliott are happy together. 🙂

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