1.18 – The Return of Jack Pond

Moo had been behaving quite oddly since the ‘accidental’ eating of Sergio last night. There had been no more attempts to lure people to their death with fake cake, and he seemed far too mellow. It was suspicious.

Lissa, of course, had to investigate.

07-02-16_8-13-43 PM

“Come on you silly thing. What are you hiding?” She only noticed the difference when it hit her in the face – literally.

“Well those have grown. What do you want me to do?” she asked, and was answered with another smack around the head with the cow plant’s udders.

07-02-16_8-13-47 PM

“Moo? What is this stuff? Why does it smell like sadness?”

Moo just bopped around, happy to be lighter again. Lissa was brought around from her confusion by the delivery of Morgan’s birthday present. She’d hoped it would arrive in time for the party, but better late than never.

07-02-16_8-47-49 PM07-02-16_8-48-17 PM

“Lissi? What in the world have you bought?”

“Happy Birthday!”

Morgan looked at her, eyes wide. “You bought this… for me?”

“I’ve been saving up some of the money from my woodwork, plus the labs are paying me even more for the plants that I send them now. I know you wouldn’t ever ask to get something like this, but we made a promise when we met.”

“Which was?”

Lissa girnned. “That we would watch the Jack Pond films together some day. Can’t do that without a tv!”

“Honey this is more than just a tv. Are you sure about this?”

“Absolutely. It isn’t just for films, either. We can get the cooking channel, kids channel, sports and, hopefully, once I’ve done a bit of tinkering we can even get channels from Sixam!”

“So I’ll be able to see why you thought that all houses needed wooden horses?”


Morgan hugged her. “Thank you Lissi. I love it. When Lor gets back from school let’s try it out, ok?”

“Sounds great.”

07-02-16_8-45-32 PM

They spent the rest of the afternoon getting work done – for Morgan it was improving her charisma. You never know when you’ll have to sweet talk yourself out of getting held hostage. For Lissa, it was starting to upgrade the television. She couldn’t wait!

“Mama what IS that?” came a voice from behind her, and she turned to see Lor staring at the screen in wonder.

“It’s a television. Now you’ll be able to keep up with those shows that your classmates like so much. Speaking of which, you know you’re allowed to invite them around some time, don’t you?”

“Brett’s a teenager now and doesn’t like hanging out anymore, and I haven’t really made many other friends.”

Lissa kissed him on the forehead. “You will, don’t worry. Now, how about you go and fetch your mum and we can get this film started?”

His eyes lit up, loneliness forgotten as he ran into the house. Lissa shook her head. A communal area would be a good idea in this town – maybe Lor would be able to meet more people his own age if there were one.

It was time for the film to start. Lissa and Morgan sat on the loveseat, and Lor flopped onto one of the beanbags. This was going to be awesome.

07-02-16_8-53-45 PM

“We need our best agent for this. We need you to steal that diamond before E.V.I.L. can.”

07-02-16_8-54-03 PM

07-02-16_8-53-58 PM

“Curse you, whoever you are!”

“He almost ran over that man!”

“It’s ok, Lissi. He was a bad guy.”

“But people can’t swim!”

Morgan looked at her strangely. “You can’t swim?”

“You can?!”

“Shhhhhhhh!” Lor said, “They’re about to find out how to get the diamond!”

07-02-16_8-54-24 PM

07-02-16_8-54-36 PM

“Time to KO the competition”

07-02-16_8-54-44 PM

“Whoops just a guard”

07-02-16_8-54-57 PM



“I could totally do that.”

“I know you could, mum.”

“I’m the best secret agent ever.”

07-02-16_8-55-03 PM

07-02-16_8-55-08 PM

“The diamond is safe with us now”

07-02-16_8-55-17 PM

“I’m afraid that’s where you’re wrong, Mr Pond. AHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!”

“Oh no!”

“Oh yes!” Morgan was loving this, she’d seen the film before but she was seeing it with new eyes as she watched her family’s reactions.

07-02-16_8-55-33 PM

“How could you? I trusted you, Mr Tray Tor! You’ll pay for this!”

“He’s getting away! Catch him Jack!” Lor yelled as the blast from the onscreen weapon missed the baddie by mere inches.

07-02-16_8-55-42 PM

“You need to be more car-ful Tray Tor, otherwise someone might just…”

07-02-16_8-55-48 PM

“turn your car into a car-cass!”

“He blew it up, mum!”

“I know! So cool, right?”

“So cool!”

07-02-16_8-55-55 PM

“Looks like you’ve just been FIRE-d”

07-02-16_8-55-59 PM


07-02-16_8-56-04 PM

“Ok that was pretty fun.” Lissa said as the credits rolled.

“There are loads more where that came from, don’t worry.”

“I want to be a secret agent!”

“Maybe when you’re older, starboy.”

“You said you wouldn’t call me that in front of others…”

“Mama doesn’t count. She’s just as embarrassing as me.”

07-03-16_9-53-42 AM07-03-16_9-53-55 AM

“Thanks, Lissi.”

07-03-16_9-54-08 AM

“You’re welcome.”



9 thoughts on “1.18 – The Return of Jack Pond

  1. Awww, this was an adorable chapter! Lor was loving the film and it was so sweet of Lissa to get them the big screen. They’ll all have loads of fun with that. OMG, I loved the humor with the pictures. Hahaha. That was cool.

    Patiently waiting to see what comes next. 🙂


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