1.13 -Preparations

06-16-16_9-41-33 AM

Morning sickness, Morgan decided, was definitely not going to make her list of ‘favourite ways to start the day’. She wasn’t even showing yet, and already the baby was squishing her stomach.

06-16-16_9-44-20 AM

Lissa was out in the garden when she emerged, watering the plants in her underwear again. It seemed that her wife’s species had far fewer hang ups regarding clothes – something that had confused her at first. Now it was part of her charm. Of course, if they had neighbours it would have been different, but for now having her potter around in her PJs wasn’t an issue.

Morgan had been moved to desk work, and was settling in nicely. The only drawback was that she now had ‘homework’ to do after each shift. Scouring the Intelligence Database was something that sounded fun in concept, but rarely was.

06-16-16_9-45-48 AM

I dunno, Morgan, that doesn’t look like work to me.

Lissa spent her time upgrading the household appliances. At first it had simply been to keep the bathroom clean despite the sickness, but then she thought of more things to do. By the time the baby came, this house would be modified to perfection. At least, that was the plan.

06-16-16_10-06-20 AM

As time passed, the strain began to take its toll on Morgan’s body. Massages, comfortable furniture and music became the routine after work. Morgan was carrying their child, but Lissa would do her best to keep the experience as pleasant as possible.


“Lissi! We haven’t told my parents!”

“… Whoops.”

“I’m already showing! They’ll know I didn’t tell them right away.”

“You could say that you didn’t want to get their hopes up before you knew that the baby could survive?”

“… which is kind of true. I mean, we didn’t know what would happen.”

“Or we could tell the truth.”

“Which is?”

“That we were so busy preparing for the baby that it slipped our minds.”

Morgan sighed, but couldn’t help the rueful laugh that escaped. “You’re right, of course. I hope they won’t be too annoyed.”

“We could always have a party. That way we can turn the announcement into a celebration and make it special.”

“… I love you.”

06-16-16_10-14-38 AM

Party supplies? Check.

06-16-16_10-18-08 AM

Delicious food? Also, check.

Please don’t let anyone or anything catch fire this time.

With that cheerful thought, she carried the food over to the table and waited for the guests to arrive.

06-16-16_10-20-12 AM06-16-16_10-25-06 AM06-16-16_10-25-33 AM06-16-16_10-26-20 AM06-16-16_10-27-04 AM

So far, so very, very good. The grandparents-to-be were thrilled. Morgan and Lissa had been forgiven for their oversight almost immediately once the prospect of a granddaughter or grandson was in reach.

Siobhan was also thrilled, but a good deal nosier about the ‘how’ than her parents had been.

“So, spill the beans, Lissa. How did you manage this?”

06-16-16_10-29-52 AM

Siobhan was thrilled by the descriptions of the scientist and machines and strange potions. Like so much had been since Lissa’s arrival, it felt like a fantastic tale had leapt from the pages of a story book and into reality.

06-16-16_10-30-34 AM

“… and there was this robot called Steve, who I honestly wanted to just take home and look after. He seemed so lonely.”

“…but then the potion exploded! Whooosh, like a firework! It was so pretty, but it smelt like a burnt potato.”

Siobhan shook her head. She was more confused than before they’d started, but the joy on her sister’s face was enough to stop her from caring.

06-16-16_10-31-19 AM

Morgan, meanwhile, was resting. She was having a lovely time, but she didn’t have the energy to stand for hours anymore. Luckily, these old men kept her company as her wife entertained the other guests.

06-16-16_10-32-03 AM06-16-16_10-32-10 AM

This had been a wonderful idea.


The next day, a large parcel arrived at the door.

Dear Morgan,

These have been kept in the attic since you were little, just waiting to be used again. The yellow one was yours, and the green was your sister’s. Hopefully you’ll get some use out of them.

Love and Hugs,

Mum and Dad xxx

06-15-16_3-36-26 PM

They were perfect. Whether it was from the hormones or the sweetness of the gesture, Morgan found herself sniffling as she looked into the nursery. They’d only just finished with the wallpaper and carpet, but the two cots blended into the room beautifully. She was going to have a baby. Looking down at her stomach, she giggled quietly. Maybe even two babies, with the size she was.

06-16-16_11-54-09 AM

Of course, that may be partially the fault of her cake cravings.

06-16-16_11-48-05 AM

Lissa turned her mechanical prowess from practical upgrades into ones that were simply for pleasure. Fun was necessary during pregnancy – she’d read about it in the book that Moira had given her. It was all so different to how she had been born. No abduction, no abandonment and subsequent rescue. There was just love. They were looking forward to the birth, not dreading it as her father must have.

Pollination had been the sixan way for so long. It was a way to integrate the two species slowly, relying on the love a parent had for a child to help things along. It hadn’t worked. All it had caused was fear and prejudice, and looking at it now Lissa could see why. There were other ways to go about forging bonds. She looked over at Morgan, and felt the familiar rush of love. She much preferred this way. Even when it meant staying up late to fill the fridge with healthy meals.

06-16-16_12-01-25 PM

06-16-16_12-03-43 PM

What? Got to make sure it tastes good, obviously.

Lissa’s work was, luckily, greatly appreciated.

06-16-16_12-08-03 PM06-16-16_12-10-01 PM06-16-16_12-09-04 PM06-16-16_12-10-52 PM

With her increasing size, Morgan had exchanged her crop-tops and tight shorts for a loose, floaty dress and some stretchy leggings to keep away the chill. She had, however, kept the boots.

06-16-16_12-12-11 PM


On the day the baby was due, the household was surprisingly calm.

06-16-16_12-14-02 PM

Morgan woke up early to go and have a look around the nursery. It was beautiful, but she couldn’t help feeling that there was something missing.



“I think the baby’s room needs a little something extra, but I don’t know what it is.”

“We have those pictures that your sister sent, and the cots from your parents. Maybe what it’s missing is… us?”

Morgan blinked. Of course.

06-16-16_12-26-21 PM

“You rock, you know that? I’m going to paint something for the room, ok?”

“That sounds wonderful.”

06-16-16_12-29-04 PM

Yes! This was going to be perfect. Such colour. Such life. Such…

06-16-16_12-29-37 PM06-16-16_12-29-44 PM

Maybe not. Pregnancy was doing nothing for her concentration, admittedly, but she could do better than this. Time for take two. This one would be perfect.

06-16-16_12-31-02 PM

Evening arrived, and still she didn’t go into labour. Maybe the baby was just really lazy, she thought. Morgan yawned. It seemed the baby wasn’t the only tired one. A nap would help.

06-16-16_12-40-40 PM

The labour pains hit her at around 10 that night. She’d slept through the normal meal time and was famished, but the baby was definitely not going to wait for her to finish her soup.

06-16-16_1-22-00 PM


She moved as fast as she could into the nursery. They’d decided on a home birth, but as the pain kicked in fully she began to wish that she’d chosen the hospital route.

06-16-16_1-22-58 PM06-16-16_1-24-00 PM

Morgan pushed and pushed whilst Lissa moved around the room, fetching towels and water ready for the birth.

Thirty minutes later a soft crying filled the air.

“Hello, cutie. Mummy loves you very much. You are the cutest little baby boy she’s ever seen. Oh yes you are!”

06-16-16_1-33-24 PM06-16-16_1-33-37 PM

“Your other mummy loves you, too! Don’t you, star girl?”

06-16-16_1-35-53 PM06-16-16_1-36-11 PM

“I do. I love you lots, little one.”

Meet Lorcán Centauri.

06-16-16_1-35-32 PM



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