1.10 – Here Come the Brides


01.10 SS01

Holding a wedding on such a tight budget wasn’t easy, but with a bit of furniture rearranging and a few decorative touches a corner of their home was turned into a beautiful venue. Lissa placed the freshly baked cake on the dining table and added the wedding topper. She’d never had strawberry cake before, but it was Morgan’s favourite and she wanted this day to be perfect.

01.10 SS02

She admired it for a few moments before heading back to the kitchen. There were only a couple of hours until the guests started to arrive – it wouldn’t do to not have a wedding meal prepared.

01.10 SS0301.10 SS0401.10 SS05

Apparently the dish was called ‘French Toast’. She didn’t understand the name, as it wasn’t toasted. Shouldn’t it be called ‘French Fry’? She called over to Morgan to ask, and only got laughter in response. She sprinkled the fresh fruit onto the dish and placed it by the cake.

01.10 SS06

Morgan was taking care of the garden today. She couldn’t cook, and honestly she felt she had gotten off easy as far as preparing for the day went. She could see why Lissa enjoyed working out here every day, even if her arm was beginning to ache by the time she went inside. The feeling of the upgraded jets of the shower on her sore muscles banished the discomfort easily, and she gazed at her wedding outfit. She had bought it especially, and Lissa had never seen it – she hoped the surprise would be a good one.

As she finished the final touches to her hair, the first guest arrived.

01.10 SS07

Dominic Fyres, Father of the Bride, looking dashing in his cream coloured suit

Morgan ran over to him. “Dad~! I’m so happy you could make it.”

01.10 SS08

“Like I’d miss your special day.  I can’t believe my little girl is getting married. It seems like only yesterday that you were running around telling everyone that you were a dolphin.”

“You’re going to be ridiculous today, aren’t you?” Morgan said, as Lissa joined them. Her fiancée had been glowing a bright joyful green ever since the proposal. It was sweet, really. Lissa had been worried that the glow would clash with her dress, but Morgan could see no such issue. She thought Lissa looked beautiful. From the appreciative look Lissa gave back, the feeling was mutual.

“Absolutely. I love you too much to be anything but the most embarrassing parent I can possibly be.” Dominic said, spreading his arms wide in a universal gesture of innocence.

“Don’t overdo it, Dad” Siobhan said, coming up behind them.

01.10 SS09

Sister of the Bride. Look at that dress!  That orange really suits her and the cut is stunning. Very flattering.

“Mum’s on her way, she just wanted to make sure she hadn’t left any taps on. You look great, little sis.”

“Thank you.” Morgan smiled. She was so glad that they had managed to patch things up together. It would have been a shame to have not had her sister at her wedding. “I take it Sergio is making his own way here?”

“You know what he’s like, he’ll be here just as soon as we give up on him.”

“That’s true.”

“Morgan! Lissa! Look at you all dressed up and ready to tie the knot.”

“What knot?”

01.10 SS10

A pretty blue and white striped dress with a brown belt and a tailored jacket. Very nice!

“It’s just a saying, Lissa dear.” Moira said. “Who else is coming today?”

“Well, there’s Clara and Summer. Bob can’t make it, he has work. And Sergio, who may or may not be on time, according to Siobhan.”

“If I didn’t like him so much, I don’t think I’d be able to cope with his constant lateness” Siobhan confided.

01.10 SS11

“Ahhh, young love” Dominic said. “Remind you of anything, my darling wife?”

“Hush, you” Moira said, and grinned at him. “I wasn’t running late all the time.”

“Pretty close ,though”

Summer was next to arrive, followed closely by Clara. Summer had sadly missed the recent birthday party, and was determined to make up for it in energy and happiness today.

01.10 SS12

A matching skirt/top combo and lovely summer-y  shoes, as worn by Summer.

01.10 SS13

A nicely-fitting grey dress with a cinched in waist and matching shoes. No wonder she looks so confident in this picture01.10 SS14

“I’m so glad you could make it!”

“So am I! I was able to take the day off, thankfully. My boss isn’t that bad when it comes to things like this.”

“Excuse me, ladies. I hope you have a wonderful day.”

01.10 SS1501.10 SS16

“Was that..?”

“Yes. Yes it was.”

“But he was polite!”

“I know, right!”

Siobhan grinned at her mother and the other two ladies. They were gossiping like old friends, even though they had only met recently.

Time passed, and Sergio still didn’t arrive.

“He did say he would come, didn’t he?” Morgan asked.

“Yes, he did.” Lissa said, looking around in the hope that he would pop up from behind a tree somewhere.

“Siobhan is right, you know. He probably will show up when we start. So what do you say we go and get married, star girl? I don’t want to wait any longer”

“Neither do I.”

01.10 SS1701.10 SS18

“Are you ready?”


The vows were kept short and sweet, but they were exchanged with as much heartfelt emotion as any longer ones could have expressed with words.

01.10 SS1901.10 SS2001.10 SS21

There were more than a few tears as the rings were exchanged, and it wasn’t only the guests that were responsible.

01.10 SS2201.10 SS23

Morgan looked at the ring that was glittering on her finger, and then looked up at Lissa. Her Lissa. Her wife. “I may now kiss the bride”

“I was hoping you would”

01.10 SS2401.10 SS25

“Hello there, Mrs Centauri.”

“Hello there, Mrs… Fyres? We forgot to discuss the name, didn’t we?” Lissa asked, laughing at the silliness of the question.

“I kinda like how ‘Morgan Centauri” sounds.”

“Are you sure?”


“Well then, hello Mrs Centauri.”

01.10 SS26

“I hope you’re watching from up there, mum…”01.10 SS27

Morgan looked out at everyone and said “Well I don’t know about you, but I think we could do with some cake!”

A cheer went up, and she grinned.

“I’ll go and get us some” Lissa said, and kissed her again before heading to the table to cut the cake.

01.10 SS28

Look who finally showed up. Sergio. He doesn’t get an outfit commentary, as that is a right reserved for PEOPLE WHO ARE ON TIME.

01.10 SS29

“Open wide”


01.10 SS3001.10 SS31

“Wow, you were right. Strawberry cake is delicious”

“Not as delicious as you” Morgan said, kissing Lissa’s fingers.

“Save it for the wedding night, girls.”

“Dad!” Morgan flushed guiltily.

“My little girl is all grown up. What shall I do with myself?”

“How about the dishes?” Moira piped up.

01.10 SS3201.10 SS33

Siobhan was having a wonderful time. She couldn’t even bring herself to be annoyed at her boyfriend. She would’t be the first one to speak though, she had her dignity. Sergio seemed happy to oblige.

01.10 SS34

“Welcome to the family, daughter-in-law” Dominic said, sitting down next to Lissa. She had to swallow her mouthful of cake before she could speak. She really did have terrible timing.

“Thank you, Mr Fyres.”

“You can call me Dominic. You know, I wasn’t sure about you at first, but you’re a good person. You make my daughter happy, and that’s what’s important.”

Lissa smiled, the warmth in her heart making her glow even brighter. “Thank you, Dominic. You have a wonderful family, and I’m so lucky to be welcomed into it.”

“Hear hear!” Moira called over, startling Siobhan into choking on the bit of french toast she had been eating.

“Honestly mum, give a girl some warning before you yell like that.”

01.10 SS35

Lissa hid a grin. This was the best day of her life.

“Switch with me? At least dad doesn’t scare me whilst I’m eating.”

“I’m going to get more food anyway” Moira said with a sniff, but she was laughing  as she walked away. Sergio had been planning to sit next to Siobhan, but alas it was not meant to be.

01.10 SS36

“Who wants to dance with me? Lissa? Summer? Moira? Anyone?”

Clara’s energy was infectious, and soon there was a miniature dance party over by the kitchen.

01.10 SS37

Lissa. No. You can’t dance. Stop it.

As the night wound to a close, it was time for goodbyes.

01.10 SS3801.10 SS39

Lissa and Morgan thanked everyone for coming, and with various promises to meet up soon the guests dispersed.

Romance was in the air, and not just for the newlyweds. Sergio’s apology had obviously been accepted.

01.10 SS40

As they walked away, hand in hand, Lissa turned to Morgan.

“Can we do something quickly, before tidying?”

“Why Lissa, control yourself!” Morgan laughed.

“Well, that too” she said, grinning, “but that wasn’t what I meant. Come here.”

“No, you.”

01.10 SS41

“Now, what did you want to do?”

“Stargaze with me? I want to tell my mum all about today”

Morgan slid her hand into Lissa’s and nodded.

01.10 SS42

“Hi Mum. I know you couldn’t come to the wedding, but I had hoped to introduce you to my wife. Properly. So I’m going to do so now. This is Morgan.  She is the sweetest, loveliest sim on this planet, and I love her. So you’d better come and visit soon, ok?”

01.10 SS43

“Hello, Lissa’s mum. You have a wonderful daughter, and I will take care of her, but I’d like to meet you at some point. You could maybe meet my family. You could even bring Lissa’s brothers and sisters! We don’t have much room inside, but we can get as many camp beds as you need and… well, it would be nice to get everyone together. Plus it would make Lissa happy, so come and visit!”

01.10 SS44

Lissa looked over at her wife and smiled. She had someone who would lie on the ground and talk to the stars with her, even in a wedding dress. The girl from the stars and the girl who had always loved the stars from a distance.

01.10 SS45

They made the most of their wedding night until, unable to stay awake any longer, they fell asleep in each others arms.




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    • I know! ❤ I didn't have enough money to give them a fancy wedding, but with Lissi's woodworking providing the chairs and tables, we managed to get a decent little party going! I might have cried, though =p


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