1.09 – Come Fly With Me

Dear Mum,

I guess it’s true that time flies when you’re having fun. I’m sorry that I haven’t written to you in a while. Morgan and I are doing well – my garden is coming along really nicely, and Morgan is now an Agent Handler. She says that it’s kind of like babysitting, but the babies have weapons and gadgets which makes it harder to keep them out of trouble. She does say that childproofing things still works, though. 

I can’t believe I’m going to be a proper adult soon. Are you an elder yet? If you ever need help with the younger children, let me know. 


Lissa x

Lissa put down her pen, sealed the envelope and placed it in her pocket before walking around the the front of the house where Morgan and Siobhan were lying on the ground next to her post box.

01.09 SS01

This had become the norm for them. Morgan would come home from work and start to do her research, and before a couple of hours had gone by there would be a phone call from Siobhan, soon followed by Siobhan herself.

01.09 SS0201.09 SS03

Lissa didn’t mind a lot of the time – it made her happy that Morgan’s sister was so comfortable around her. She was slightly confused as to why she spent so many of her evenings with them, until Morgan confided in her.

“Back at my old house, we had space and better technology, but it was never quite as peaceful as it is out here. It’s relaxing, especially after her job. She’s a businesswoman – this is pretty much the opposite of her workplace. Besides, we always have leftovers in the fridge.”

The computer got a lot of use, but it was a very… economical model, so Lissa had taken it upon herself early on to upgrade some of the most outdated parts.

01.09 SS0401.09 SS05

She always made sure to do upgrades whilst Morgan was at work so that when she came home exhausted, as so often happened in the earlier stages of her career, everything was back in usable condition.

01.09 SS0601.09 SS0701.09 SS08

Some days, Morgan would come home in a state. Her chosen path wasn’t exactly safe, and occasionally coworkers got discovered by those they were following. Still, by the end of the day Lissa normally managed to coax at least a small smile out of her girlfriend. Morgan was, by nature, a good and loving person.

01.09 SS09

The huge microscope wasn’t a bad distraction either. The garden held no end of samples to examine, and the results were often beautiful. All in all, Morgan thought, the world was a wonderful place.


The day of Lissa’s adult birthday dawned bright and warm. Newcrest always seemed to be this way, but she never stopped appreciating it. It was so different to Sixam’s dark skies and crystalline features that she felt that no matter how long she lived she would find something new to appreciate in her surroundings. She was kissed awake by Morgan, who whispered in her ear:

“We’ll have a party when I come back. I’ve already set up the furniture and made sure we have enough ingredients in the fridge for a cake and a birthday meal. I don’t know what type of cake you prefer, so I got all the things needed for all the types to be on the safe side.”

With a last kiss and a goodbye, Morgan left for work. Lissa stretched luxuriously in bed, closed her eyes for a few more minutes and then clambered out of bed. She had a busy day ahead of her.

Lissa had never baked a cake before, but her yoga mat had come with a three month subscription to the SimBiosis magazine, dedicated to harmony between all living creatures and the planet itself. Some of the articles had gone over her head, but they always had a recipe section. She found the recipe for ‘Coconut Carob Cake’, and started to bake.

01.09 SS1001.09 SS1101.09 SS12

Whoops, maybe the mix was meant to go into the tin before it goes into the oven.

01.09 SS13

Lissa took the finished cake out of the oven and admired it. It was excellent for a first try. She was tempted to try a little bit now and see, but she restrained herself. It would be worth the wait. She would have a proper birthday party, with a cake and candles. Just like she had read about.

01.09 SS14

She worked in the garden for the rest of the afternoon in order to take her mind away from the cake-based goodness that was just waiting to be eaten. It was a good thing that the party wouldn’t be starting late – how could she have waited that long?

01.09 SS15

It was a very impressive garden, though. Far better than the last time she had held a party here.


Morgan was panting slightly, having run all the way home. She swept Lissa up into her arms and kissed her.

“Happy birthday, star girl. How did the baking go?”

“It was fun! I hope the cake turned out well, but it smells really good.”

“That’s a good sign” Morgan said, and reluctantly pulled away. “I’m going to have a quick shower and change into something nicer before the guests arrive.”

“I’ll start on the meal once you’re out, if you’ll be able to keep an eye out for everyone?”

“I think I can manage that” she said with a laugh. “At least none of these people have invisibility suits.”

“Is that a thing that exists?”

“No comment, love.”


Morgan was as good as her word, greeting the guests and getting everyone into the party spirit with an impromptu dance session. Clara seemed to be really getting into the groove.

01.09 SS16

“Food’s ready!” Lissa called, and then went around greeting everyone. “Thank you for keeping them occupied, Momo – it took a little longer than expected to prepare everything.”

“No problem. It looks great.”

01.09 SS1701.09 SS18

It tasted great, too, if the reactions were anything to go on.  She breathed a sigh of relief, and sat down to join them.

01.09 SS19

“I propose a toast!” Clara said, waving one hand in the air to get everyone’s attention. She really had come into her own lately.

“To the birthday girl, who stood up for me when I was being harassed. I have never had anyone who would threaten someone with a spatula for me before – possibly because it was a very strange idea – and I am so glad you did it. I wish you all the happiness in your adult years that you helped me get back.”

Lissa was touched. That was one of the nicest things she had ever had said about her on this planet. “Thank you so much, Clara. I mean, just… thank you.” Clara grinned and did a quick thumbs up sign.

Morgan smiled at Lissa’s expression, reached over and squeezed her hand. “Time for cake?”

“Hooray for cake!”

“Mum… why are you so embarrassing?”

Moira was unrepentant. She was having far too much fun.

Lissa brought out the cake, and added the candles with a flourish.

01.09 SS2001.09 SS2101.09 SS2201.09 SS23

They took a couple of attempts to blow out, but she got there in the end.

01.09 SS24

As she spun into adulthood, surrounded by people she cared about, she made her wish. She hoped it would come true, and she’d find out soon enough.

01.09 SS25

She felt older and more confident in herself as she strengthened her nerve.

01.09 SS2601.09 SS27

“Morgan Fyres, you have been the best thing in my life since I arrived here. You were there from the beginning, smiling and teasing me and making me feel like this could be home. It is home now, because home is where the heart is. You are my heart, and just as you were there that first day, I want to be with you til my last. Will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?”

“Yes! Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!”

01.09 SS28

Morgan slid the ring onto her finger. It sparkled in the setting sun. She could hear her family whispering behind her, but she didn’t care. She leapt into Lissa’s arms and held on tightly.

01.09 SS2901.09 SS30

If she had been able to look anywhere but Lissa’s face, she would have seen the smile on her mother and father’s faces. Lissa would have seen how Clara clasped her hands together and got teary-eyed over the sight.

01.09 SS31

Siobhan, her disagreements with her sister now far in the past, looked at the two of them with affection. Her friend and her sister together – what could be better?

Dear Mum,

I have some amazing news…


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