1.07 -A Day in The Life of Morgan

Morgan woke bright and early the next day. For a moment she panicked, not recognising the room she was in, but then she turned to her right and it all made sense. She kissed her still sleeping girlfriend on the cheek, and quietly slipped out of bed. If there were going to be two of them in this house, she wanted to contribute to it.

01.07 SS01

She hadn’t gone collecting before, and was surprised at how fun it was once she got into the swing of things. Especially the frog catching. She thought back on one of her first impressions of Lissa, and smiled. Now there are two muddy frog ladies, she thought.

She would have to get a job, too. No one would employ an alien, but they wouldn’t mind employing her. She got out her phone and skimmed through all the job adverts. Now this one, she thought, this one is perfect~

Lissa took one look at her, walking back humming the Jack Pond theme song, and grinned. She had been worried that this lifestyle would be too different for Morgan, but she was taking to it like a kitten took to anything even vaguely box-shaped.

She had woken up alone and worried until she had looked over to the picnic area and seen the familiar shape of her sweetheart. In a way, it was a good thing that she had been over there, because it gave Lissa enough time to set up her surprise.

“Oh my word, Liss, how on earth?”

“I’d been thinking about buying one for a while, you know, so I could get spare parts and new seeds, but when you moved in I decided to bite the bullet. It got delivered this morning!”

Morgan ran over to the desk and sat down.

01.07 SS02

It was more than she could have hoped for. True, it was nothing like the higher end model she had owned back with her family, but that just made it even more precious to her. This must have cost all her savings, she thought as she signed into the Intelligence database and looked at all the work that was now hers.

“Guess what?”

“What is it?” Lissa asked, gazing happily. She hadn’t expected such a joyful response.

“I got a job! Now I can help support us. And you’ll never guess what it is~”

Lissa was almost certain that she knew, but she played along. “Is it… body-building?”

Morgan laughed, enjoying herself immensely.”Nope, try again.”

“Is it… detective work?”

“Getting closer~”

“Well, love, I’m not sure. What exactly are you going to do?” She could see that Morgan was dying to tell her. What she wasn’t expecting was-

“I would tell you, Miss Centauri, but then I’d have to kill you.” Morgan said, putting on an unplaceable accent.


“I’M GOING TO BE A SECRET AGENT!” she yelled, and dipped her into a passionate kiss.

“Not so secret anymore, is it?” Lissa said, laughing as she was pulled upright again.

“Pfft, no-one else lives around here, I’m safe.”

“I’m proud of you.”

“I’ll try to live up to that. Also, ‘Momo’?”

“You don’t like it?”

“Its adorable. I love it.”


With three days until her first day on the job, Morgan focused on any skills she might need for her new career. She ordered a book on logic, and whilst waiting for it to arrive decided to do some yoga. It helped her focus.

01.07 SS03

The book was difficult at first, but soon she was able to understand the first few chapters without too much trouble.

01.07 SS04

She probably would have finished more, if she didn’t keep getting… distracted.

01.07 SS0501.07 SS06

She took up painting, as well. She’d enjoyed art classes at school, and painting was a good way to get a little extra money. Well, it would be if she didn’t keep falling in love with all her paintings.

01.07 SS0701.07 SS08

This one was definitely going in the bedroom. She wasn’t sure what it was, but the colours were perfect.

01.07 SS0901.07 SS10

Ahhh, she thought as she admired her handiwork. Very focusing. Perfect for when she was working.

01.07 SS11

I’m sorry little llama, but I do need to sell you. I’m sure your new home will love you very much.

Luckily Lissa was still doing her woodwork, so they could afford to keep a couple of the paintings.

She was just sitting down to lunch over in the picnic area, when she saw someone she had longed to see. She got up and ran over, still carrying her bowl of food.


01.07 SS1201.07 SS13

“How are you? It’s quiet at home without all your loud music. Your sister actually turned on the radio yesterday to that channel you like, because she thought the house was too quiet. She hates that channel!”

“Awww, mum.” Morgan was flattered, she wouldn’t have thought that her sister would miss her. They hadn’t gotten along in a while. Maybe now that they weren’t living together they could begin to fix that.

“So, how is my youngest daughter being treated? Are you eating enough? You don’t look any thinner…”

01.07 SS1401.07 SS15

“Mum it’s been less than a week. I’m not going to lose weight even if I weren’t eating properly. Which I am, I mean look at this nutritious meal. Mmmmmmm… sparkly.”

“I worry about you sometimes. Sparkly indeed.”

“Oh! I quit the Renegades. I didn’t really like hanging with them all that much anyway, plus now I have a job and-”

“You have a job?! Oh that’s wonderful! Just wait until I tell your father. I’m glad you quit that gang, too. I don’t know why you joined in the first place, really. Oh look, your girlfriend is coming over.”

“Mum, don’t embarrass me. Please.”

01.07 SS1601.07 SS17

“Good morning, Mrs Fyres.”

“Hello, Lissa. You know, just because you’re dating my daughter doesn’t mean you need to be formal now. You can still call me Moira. After all, we may be family soon, eh?”


01.07 SS18

Lissa smiled. She wished her mother could see this. “Thank you, Moira. And I promise to take good care of your daughter.”

“You had better. I want grandkids!”

“Mum that’s enough!” Morgan said, blushing furiously. “And don’t encourage her Lissi, she’ll keep going forever if given the chance.”

01.07 SS19

“Now, when are we going to be invited to see the house?”

Lissa quickly stepped in before Morgan tried to get out of it. “Actually, Moira, I was thinking that maybe we could throw a party soon. We don’t have everything we need yet, but you and your family would be welcome to come and spend the afternoon.”

“That sounds lovely, Lissa.” Moira said. “I’ve got to go back home and get dinner ready. Speaking of which, Morgan you will pick up that bowl and wash it up, do you understand?”

“Honestly, mum, I just put it down so I could give you a goodbye hug. I didn’t think you’d appreciate getting food down your top.”

“Hmph.” She said, but grinned anyway. “Goodbye, love. I hope work goes well, and I look forward to the party.”

“Bye!” They waved as Moira left. “Can we really have a party? I love parties!”

“We can” Lissa said. “We need to save up for a grill, and maybe a card table and cooler, but other than that we have everything we need for what the internet calls a ‘Weenie Roast’. The internet is a wonderful thing.”

“I’m so glad we’re together.”

“Me, too.”

“I’ll do my best at work tomorrow.”

“I’ll be waiting when you get home.”



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  1. There were 21 chapter links for generation 1. I just got a because that means I’m already 1/3 of the way through. I’ve never seen this side of Morgan and I don’t want to ever stop with her and Lissa. Okay, dramatic moment over.

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