1.05 – So, How About It?


01.05 SS01

Bills paid – check.

01.05 SS02

Meet up with friends – check.

01.05 SS03

Scavenge for spare parts before throwing out the rubbish…? Undignified, but check. She really wanted to upgrade her bathroom.

01.05 SS04

A year had passed since Lissa’s arrival in the small, empty town of Newcrest. She had soon discovered that she need only go collecting once every two days in order to gather as much as the land could provide, and that had cleared up more time for her to get on with her woodwork and even take up a new hobby.

01.05 SS0501.05 SS0601.05 SS07

Her guitar playing was a work in progress, but it had gone from off key notes into almost recognisable tunes and that was good enough for her to be happy.

Thanks to the campfire, her cooking had also improved.

01.05 SS08

She tried to cook some of her potatoes on the local grill…

01.05 SS0901.05 SS10

…but they were barely edible. Perhaps she would wait until they were high quality before serving them to her friends. Lissa had managed to persevere through the embarassing introductions, and was now, if not friends, then at least known to a large amount of the local sims. She was happy. She had a proper bed, a beautiful garden and thanks to that little workbench, she would soon have a proper table that she could sit at and eat. Maybe she could even throw a party!

01.05 SS11

She loved her little house dearly, but it wasn’t quite ready for that. Maybe an outdoor party of some sort – she’d have to ask someone how to go about it.

It was possible, Lissa thought, that she was overly preoccupied with parties because she was missing a very important one at the moment. It was Morgan’s birthday. She would have left school already, and would probably be dancing around her house with her friends right now. She wondered what Morgan’s house was like, and felt another pang of regret at the restrictions she was under. She would have loved to be there.

Still, she smiled, there was nothing stopping her from hanging out over here after the party.

01.05 SS12

Morgan arrived just after 10pm. She looked the same as when they had met. Well, she might have grown a little taller, and her smile was softer…

01.05 SS13

… but maybe there was another reason for that, she realised, as Morgan stopped in front of her. She had the same aura that she had had all that time ago.

“Happy Birthday!” Lissa said. “I looked it up and it seems there is a song that is normally sung at birthdays, so I have learnt it on the guitar and-”


She stopped talking, and looked into the clear green eyes that were suddenly a lot closer than they had been before.

01.05 SS14

“Do you remember what you said to me? That we could talk about… us… when I was older? If I still felt the same?”

Lissa nodded, feeling a spark of hope. She had feared that the only attraction the younger woman had felt was because she was something new, something interesting. That when they got to know each other, that novelty would wear off. Not that she had allowed herself to think about it that much.

“Well, I still like you. Very much. I missed you on the days I couldn’t see you, and I began to look forward to the weekdays for once in my life, because even though I had school I could come around and see you after. I worked all day during the weekends, and after that I was exhausted and sweaty and a mess and-” she laughed, shaking her head. “I’m sorry, that went on a bit of a tangent. What I’m saying is that I like you.”

01.05 SS15

She took out a rose from behind her back, and placed it in Lissa’s hands. Lissa lifted the rose up to her nose and breathed in. It was lovely, and she held it to her chest gently, unwilling to put it in a vase just yet.

“So, star girl, how about it?”

Throughout the previous speech, Morgan’s voice had remained steady and strong, but on this question it wavered slightly, as if she was preparing for rejection.



“I like you, too. I’m really, really happy right now. I thought that you might have moved on, or didn’t find me-”

Morgan hugged her, only just catching herself before she squashed the rose.

“So, Lissi, will you go out with me?”

“I’d love to.”





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