I’m going through all my chapters resizing every single picture, re-uploading and swapping them into the pages. This should free up SO MUCH SPACE and also make it easier for people to read. Might take a while, but I’ll delete this post once it’s done 🙂 You may get a couple of chapters whilst I’m doing it – I need to do something to keep the creativity going!

Chapters done: 1 – 12. And 19 onwards.



So, some of you might be wondering where I am – the truth is, I’m learning to create CC. I’ve made a few small pieces, but before some of my stories can continue I need things that simply don’t exist right now. I’m able to do cosmetic changes on existing things (like Lyra’s suit) and basic re-tuning, but I’m currently learning how to create meshes. Thank you for being patient, and I really hope it will be worth it! I don’t want to have to water down my ideas to fit what’s possible – I want to make my ideas possible myself!

Thank you for being patient ❤

2.75 – Preparation

Lyra shut her eyes tight and took a deep breath. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust her papa’s inventions, it was just…

…ok, maybe it was a bit. She’d seen the chaos that his malfunctioning SimRay had caused last year, so in all honesty she couldn’t be blamed for being a little cautious. It was four-thirty in the morning, she was wearing a suit that was completely alien to her (no pun intended) and she was about to step through an interplanetary portal.

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