I’m going through all my chapters resizing every single picture, re-uploading and swapping them into the pages. This should free up SO MUCH SPACE and also make it easier for people to read. Might take a while, but I’ll delete this post once it’s done 🙂 You may get a couple of chapters whilst I’m doing it – I need to do something to keep the creativity going!

Chapters done: 1 – 12. And 19 onwards.


So, I’m hopefully back now. To say this year so far has been havoc would be an understatement, but I’ve missed you all so much. I’m hoping to be back to writing now that things are a little calmer. Thank you so so much for your patience, and I’ll try to read and reply to all the comments I’ve missed!

I might not have been able to write, but the stories have been continuing in my head and on my computer, so I can say I have some (I think) interesting things coming up in the next couple of chapters for each! With any luck, I’ll have something up soon ❤

Once I’m back in my schedule, I’ll be catching up on the stories you guys have been working on, and get back on the forums 🙂 Plus will be able to get back to CC making, which’ll be fun.

Thymeless x


So, some of you might be wondering where I am – the truth is, I’m learning to create CC. I’ve made a few small pieces, but before some of my stories can continue I need things that simply don’t exist right now. I’m able to do cosmetic changes on existing things (like Lyra’s suit) and basic re-tuning, but I’m currently learning how to create meshes. Thank you for being patient, and I really hope it will be worth it! I don’t want to have to water down my ideas to fit what’s possible – I want to make my ideas possible myself!

Thank you for being patient ❤

2.75 – Preparation

Lyra shut her eyes tight and took a deep breath. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust her papa’s inventions, it was just…

…ok, maybe it was a bit. She’d seen the chaos that his malfunctioning SimRay had caused last year, so in all honesty she couldn’t be blamed for being a little cautious. It was four-thirty in the morning, she was wearing a suit that was completely alien to her (no pun intended) and she was about to step through an interplanetary portal.

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